Salute 2001 Awards

Awards for Games at Salute 2001

The games are judged on the day by a panel of three comprising the President of the South London Warlords and two guest Judges from other clubs.

The Robin Hunt Award for the most Innovative game - W14 "Saving Private Ryan" a WWII game by the Deal Wargames Society.

The Award for Best Scenary - W15 "Raid on St. Nazaire" a WWII game by the Southend Wargames Club.

The Best Demonstration game - W18 "Ambush on Route 19" a Vietnam game by the Barnes Wargames Collective.

The Bill Brewer Award for the Best Painted Army - W25 "Shogun" by the Pike and Shot Society.

The Best Participation Game and also The Salute Challenge Shield - W46 "Six of the Best" by the Society of Ancients.


The Salute 2001 Painting Competition


Class Place Entry Entrant
Wargames FootUp to 20mm 1st 21st (Valenca) Regt.
Portugeses army 1811
2nd French Light Infantry Robert Warren
Wargames Mounted up to 20mm 1st 18th Chasseurs a Cheval ROBERT WARREN
Wargames Foot between 20 and 30mm 1st Special Forces Vietnam GRAHAM GREEN
2nd 5th New York Zoaves Ian Smith
Wargames Mounted between 20 and 30mm 1st Mes Enfants Cheris IAN STABLES
2nd Dutch Lancers Mark Wilkin
Wargames Unit - Other up to 30mm 1st French Horse Artillery MARK WILKIN
2nd AK47 Tank unit Robert Warren
Fantasy Wargames Foot up to 30mm 1st Night Goblin Squig Hunters MICHAEL T. WEI NA
2nd Space Ork Assault Squad Malcolm Neill
Fantasy Wargames Mounted up to 30mm 1st Field Police, Warhammer 40K GRAHAM GREEN
2nd Lizard Riders P. Griffin
Fantasy Single Figure/Creature - any scale 1st Inquisitor Funikoshi MICHAEL ANDERSON
2nd George the Filth Ian Stables
Fantasy - Other - Any Scale 1st Flesh Tearers Recon Force GEOFF DAVIS
2nd FSE 15th Battlegroup Matthew Smith
Historical Miscellaneous Class - any scale 1st Peresvet - 14th Century
Russian Warrior Priest
2nd Wehrmacht Rifle Section 1942 Graham Green