Salute 2001 Aftermath


Salute has been in existence, of course, since the first year that the Club was formed. Thirty years later - and it's second year at Olympia - what sort of a show as it?

We think it was a very good show indeed. Most of the teething problems from Salute 2000 that emerged with the move to the new venue were ironed out and few new ones were added. Two floors meant a spacious, gaming and purchasing environment with the only real crush being around the Bring & Buy and a few of the traders who either didn't expand or didn't bring enough staff with them.

We had a few last minute changes with games and traders which meant that the printed programme was less accurate than usual, but the web site, and it's reproduction on a large screen on the day, sorted some of those problems out. It would help navigation, for example, if more Traders had a large banner of some kind behind their stand saying who they were - 80 Trade stands are a lot to find your way around with just a map!

In short, we had more games and traders, more space, more gamers… more of almost everything - but fewer queues, and therefore happier gamers!

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