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Salute is over for another year. Hopefully you were there and had a great time!
Here is a selection of the feedback about Salute Zero Three
Click here for photos - Click here for the Show Report in Miniature Wargames September 2003 issue (1.4mg pdf file)

Dear Warords

I would just like to express, on behalf of the Herne Bay & Whitstable Wargamers, our thanks for another great Salute. This was our first visit as a club and as competitors (having all previously enjoyed it immensely as part of the paying public), and we were surprised and impressed by the level of organisation evident 'behind the scenes'. We had barely opened the doors of our van when 2 Warlords appeared with hand trucks. They were very polite and helpful, quickly and carefully moving all of our gaming gear to our allotted table. This set the standard for the rest of the show. All members of the Warlords, and of the SELWG club, that we met, were equally polite and very complimentary of our participation game, All Quiet on The Seafront. It was a long, tiring, but fun day, and we enjoyed every minute of it! The other club members, traders and particularly the public were great fun, and without fail very friendly.

To win Best of Show was for us a real honour, considering the previous winners and the strong competition this year. Our pride at winning anything at all at the premier wargaming show has not yet diminished; indeed we are rapidly making ourselves bores on the subject with our family & friends!

Please accept our apologies for the delay in contacting you with our thanks, but a combination of being on 'a high' from the day itself, and fielding calls from fellow gamers has meant time has passed quicker than we realised.

We look forward to returning next year, hopefully with another fun game.

Craig Boorman

Herne Bay & Whitstable Wargamers


Just to let you know that Southend Wargames Club enjoyed Saturday's show,
and to congratulate you and the rest of Warlords on the superb organisation.
Although we will be having a wash and brush up session at our next meeting,
the impression I got was that we all came away with completed shopping
lists, etc.

As I think I said to you after last year's event, our club's view of what
makes a successful visit to a show is the level of interest shown in the
game we are playing and the rules being demonstrated. Since most of us were
hoarse from talking then that perhaps indicates how we faired in that
respect. We also had several requests for email copies of the Idiot's Guide
to Napoleon's Battles (the rule set we were using in the demonstration), or
for other club rule sets.

I also hope that some of the traders were able to help the people who asked
for guidance either on uniform detail or on the figures currently available
and who we pointed in the right direction.

Hope that you enjoy the rest before you have to do it all all over again!

Richard Partridge
for Southend Wargames Club


Just a quick email to say thank you for such a great show on Saturday. It was my first time to Salute, but I can understand why it has the reputation that it has. It is absolutely amazing what you achieve and all with volunteers. Well done.

Alistair Goddard


Hi Declan
Thanks to you and the Warlords for yesterday - another good 'un!
We were down a bit on sales from last year but can identify two or three factors which contributed.
Of interest, five of our European customers who have had Salute flyers
from us made themselves known. They all made the weekend in London. Can't claim
the credit for their attending but I hope we helped!
We also had two down from Scotland who came to see us and weekend in
London. Had a Leeds guy who also came to Salute to buy from us - unaware of the
Leeds Fiasco shows!
Thanks for the additional space.

Best wishes


Thanks guys for another outstanding show.
Roll on 2004!
Best Regards

Nicholas Holmes
Wigmore Warriors


Just to say congratulations' on a really well organised show.  All the Warlords we came in contact with were really friendly and helpful.  Had a successful show, hope to see you next year.



On behalf of our club can we thank you for the opportunity to put
on our game - we all enjoyed it and we had some very good comments from the visitors. We particularly appreciated the good spot you gave us which we felt showed the game in a good light.

Here's to next year!




Just a quick note to say thanks for all the work you and the warlords did on Saturday

As our first major show it was a great success and i look forward to seeing you again next year [could you hold it in Kent as its easier for us]

thanks again

Steve Melliard
Simply Civil War


Hi Warlords

Just got home (Milton Keynes) from Salute 2003 and wanted to say a BIG "Well done!"  Great show, great wargames - liked the "loadsa little tables for mini-games", great for the kids amongst us (!!) But...

PLEASE, do something more next year about those irresponsible types who smoke cigarettes, pipes, wacky-baccy all around the halls, loos, odd corners, by the phones... Ugh!  'orrid people!

I was a smoker once, til 18 years ago, so I understand that if you are a smoker you'll want to light up at some time during the day: but either have the good sense to get a "pass-out" and go outside, or for-go you're bacca til home-time!

One person upstairs near the Victorian British Army re-enactment lot had the most vile-smelling bacca (must have been some Dutch geezer - their pipe tobacco is pretty pungent!) but it really spoilt standing watching the soldiers strut their stuff!

I had a word later at the Warlords stand, but I could still see & smell folk smoking late in the afternoon.  Shame.

By the way, who was that gorgeous girl as 'Lara Croft'  She was great!  I had quite a long chat with her - very intelligent lass, well spoken, no bombo that one! - and some kind chap took my picture with her.  Just for the record I'd love to know her name - I didn't have teh nerve to ask her!  She'd have thought "who's this bearded old **!!** trying to get off with me??!!"

Looking forward to next year (glad I always buy a Q-Buster - best way of getting in first thing!)

Richard-the beard!


Hello Declan,

I just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of LKM Direct to say many thanks for the superb organisation at the show. We managed to get in and unloaded with the minimum of fuss, ably supported by your never-ending stream of porters, parking was straight-forward and leaving proved just as simple.

Many thanks

Geoff Titchener
LKM Direct Limited (QRF and Freikorp)



Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my day at Salute yesterday! Another brilliant coupe! Keep it up!



Great event !!!
It was my first stay in London. It was nice to see something from the
sights and a great show Salute 03.
I had contact to some of the guys that a linked from my website, I saw a
lot of new interesting games and now I have many new figures ( i-Kore,
Vendel ).
So I hope that I have the possibility to see the next events in the next years.
Best regards,


Hi Declan,
I just wanted to say thanks for letting us have the stand at Salute. It was by
far the best convention of the year for us, and we took almost as much in one
day as we did during the whole of Gencon. And the placing amongst the
Looking forwards to next year,


To the Salute Organisers

Just a quick thank you for organising an excellent show.  Unfortunately, running a participation game I didn't get to see too much of it.  However, the pre show organisation and the organisation on the day was top notch and much appreciated.  Two assistants who hadn't been to the Olympia Salute said they would be attending again.  My problem is do I organise another game for next year and enjoy myself or do I attend as a paying customer and really enjoy myself.

Dillon Browne
Oxford Wargames Soc.  Table W112

Dear Warlords,

Thankyou for an amazing day at Salute yesterday, as it was my first time it was an amazing experience. You had the perfect size complex and the most helpful people

thankyou very much



Just a quick note of thanks for Salute'03. I had a great time, spent a fortune at the traders, and as promised bought a mug at Warlords.
I gave the spare "Q" buster badge to an out-of work mate, and he also had a good day.
Once again thanks for all your assistance

Neil Hammond

Dear Declan,
Can I please thank you, and all the Warlords, for another successful
SALUTE last Saturday.  Compared with last year our takings (and the number of customers we served) were slightly down, possibly due to a very quiet
first hour.
Having said this, SALUTE it is still by far the busiest show in our
calendar and we wish other shows were as efficiently organised.


David G. Edwards - Magnetic Displays


I know you are busy with the debrief.

This is just to extend a very sincere thank you to your goodselves and fellow Warlords for a really excellent show ." Hats off" to you it really works.

Best regards

Realistic Modelling