Salute Zero Five

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Show Address
St George
Cloudships - and web page
Painting St George
A Day of Infamy - and web page
History of Salute*
*Appeared in Miniature Wargames, not in the programme

Below: Collectable Q Buster Badge for Salute Zero Five

Right: Leaflet (click on image to see pdf)

PDF of Leaflet 357k
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Above: this year's tee shirt
Below: turn counter made specialy by Gale Force Nine in the USA
Returning this year are the popular Troop Transporter 2
(below): the big, black carry-all that's there when you need that extra carrying capacity!
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The collectors Mug for Salute Zero Four

Troop Transporter 2 - Click here to solve your bulk carrying, show nightmares click here to see this bigger