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Floorplan - Salute Zero Seven

The floorplan this year is just so big and doesn't lend itself easily to web based navigation. Also, one of the feedbacks we received last year was that people (who don't get Miniature Wargames magazine that has an advance programme in it) would like something they can print out. So here's the compromise: a floor plan that looks like the image below but in acrobat so that you can print it out.

How have we changed the stand arrangement for Salute Zero Seven? Acting on feedback from the forms you filled in last year, we’ve made three changes.
Firstly, the aisles are orientated through ninety degrees so that - on entering the show - you stand a better chance of looking down the isles and navigating.
Secondly, the stands - trade and games - are now grouped into lettered zones (A through to R, missing out some obvious ones to avoid confusion - and with the odd X added for late arrivals...). We think that this will make them easier to find.
Lastly, we will install better signage at the show to enable you to locate your position in the hall. Enjoy yourself on the day!

There’s a fabulous selection of games to look at and play including nearly 50 participation games. Some details are a little sketchy as they were late comers but the list is - as ever - 99% accurate!

Finally - and we know we say this every year but some how the message sometimes gets lost:

This Salute Zero Seven plan is ONLY constructed as an aid to the public and is NOT a definitive guide to placement or size of tables or (specifically) TRADE STANDS, and must NOT be taken as anything other than generally indicative. Within those constraints, however, it is as accurate as we can make it and will probably be amended as the days tick by. For more information on all games, exhibits and trade stands at Salute Zero Seven please visit the Information Stand on the day at TK126

click here to download the pdf floorplan

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