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Salute Zero Seven Games Competition


At Salute Zero Seven, the Warlords will enter all visiting clubs wargames in a competition, as usual, to find the best games in several categories and to compete, ultimately, for the Salute Challenge Shield: the best game at the show on the day.

How is this decided upon? A group of judges are assembled (usually four), from other visiting clubs but led by the current Warlords Club President. The other judges are drawn from clubs with a reputation for excellence in the games they put on at Salute. In addition, the judges are chosen with interests and styles of gaming that cover a spread of periods and approaches to the hobby to ensure fairness and a broad experience base. Lastly, it goes without saying that the judges are not allowed to vote for their own club's games!

As ever, the games will be great, I'm sure, and thanks go out from the South London Warlords to all of the clubs - "winners" and "losers" - who bring a game to Salute. Except there are no actual losers: as ever, we will ensure that everyone who brings along a game to run at Salute will be given a commemorative mug for Salute Zero Seven as a thank you

Games Competition Categories
Best Demonstration Game This is the game that has best demonstrated wargaming to the onlooker. It might have good scenery and figures but - more than anything - it is the ability of the club putting on the game to inspire and inform their "audience" that counts for the most.
Best Participation Game This is the game that has best allowed wargamers to involve themselves and play the game. It also might have good scenery and figures but - more than anything - it has to have a rule system that works well, that players enjoy and be a game that gives "food for thought" for those that take part (or those who watch others taking part).
The Robin Hunt Award for the most Innovative Game The late Robin Hunt was a Displays officer for the Warlords in the mid eighties and put a team together that made their mark with innovative and fun games that 'ploughed new furrows' in terms of periods and styles. That's the sort of game that used to make Robin smile and that's the very kind of game that the judges will be looking for!
Best Scenery Bespoke scenery, wonderfully painted is the ideal for a game on the day, but a lot can be achieved with ready made material that has been collected and reworked where appropriate - but the game cant be a static diorama: it still has to be a wargame! The judges will be looking for the best.
The Bill Brewer Award for the Best Painted Army Many gamers can paint enough decent figures to enter a unit into a painting competition, but painting up a couple of armies for an open day game is a whole different matter. The late Bill Brewer, one of the founding three members of the South London Warlords in 1971, was just such a man! The judges will be looking for armies of the sort of high standard that Bill would have appreciated!
Best Presentation in use on a game This category and covers the often overlooked elements that separate a good game from a great one for the audience or participants: information boards and handouts, computer assisted presentations and other aids that can add so much on the day.
Most Impressive Troops This category and has been thought up to do a specific job: that is to try and praise a niche that is often overlooked. As Lenin once said, "quantity has a quality all of its own!" If the figures on the table aren't absolutely the very best painted, but are still well painted, or perhaps are of a sort of period that doesn't lend itself to colourful, flamboyant paintjobs, but there are still g'zillions of troops, then the game might still look fantastic for the pure breadth and spectacle. The judges will be looking for a game who's troops demonstrate that a good, impressive effort was put in by the club.
Most Completely Created Game This category allows for gamers who don't want to just buy commercially manufactured (or even painted) scenery and so forth. The judges will be looking for club built scenery, home grown rules - maybe even scratch built figures and conversions - but all of the highest quality!
Salute Challenger This is effectively, the runner up to the Salute Challenge Shield: see below.
The Salute Challenge Shield Awarded for the Best Game over all on the day - this will be a combination of everything in the categories above and sometimes - though not necessarily - may win one or more of those prizes as well.


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