Membership of the Warlords

There are several classes of membership available to prospective members.

Full Members have access to the Club hall every Monday and every Saturday that it is open, signing on rights to the Members Only section of this site and to the club internet forum. They also get a copy of each issue of the club magazine (Command Post) as well as getting a Salute mug, shirt, etc if they work the show. They get to  attend the AGM and speak, vote, propose, be elected as an officer, etc. Through helping us run Salute by working on the day you can obtain a significant discount on your membership fee for the following year.

Associate Membership is designed for the more physically remote members who are not able to get to the regular monday evening club meetings very often. Associate members receive the club magazine by mail, are entitled to attend Live roleplay events and occasional Monday Evenings.

Temporary Membership is designed primarily to allow guests of the club to either attend one off events such as Saturday games or play in Live roleplaying activities and be covered by the club's third party liability insurance. There is a small amount of paperwork to be done for short term members including a membership form and a disclaimer.


The club membership year starts in June, shortly after Salute is held which is normally in April. 

For more details, contact the membership secretary (click HERE)
You can also download the membership application form or get a copy off the notice board at the club. Then fill it in and bring it along to a club night or post it to the Membership Secretary via the PO Box on the form. There is more detail of the membership pricing structure and benefits gained on the membership form.