What is Wargaming?
The South London Warlords is a Wargames Club. This means that we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a military, historical or conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on fantasy situations. We play them in various different ways. These might include:
Jagdpanther and 25mm German Paras painted by Kevin Dallimore and Graham Green of the Warlords

"Figure" games. These feature miniature representations of real life items, in metal, plastic or other materials, usually in a reduced scale. This means 'toy soldiers', tanks, spaceships, dragons or whatever. These tend to be, built, assembled and painted by their owners. These items are manoeuvred over terrain to a set of rules by one or more players.

Board Games. These are much the same as figure games, but tend to use pre-manufactured playing pieces, often on a printed 'board' instead of "3D" terrain.

Role Playing Games. These can involve either of the first two game types but - in addition - require players to almost 'act out' roles of individual characters.

Live Role Playing Games. These usually mean - at the Warlords at least - a combination of amateur dramatics and simulated violence played out in 'real environments' rather than with a number of players sat around a table top. The Warlords usually uses a system called Laser (or Lazer) Tag for these games

Computer Games. Bearing in mind the thing you're looking at while you read this, you probably know what a computer is. At the Warlords we use them individually to play games on and as groups to moderate games we play in other styles. Typically we use a computer to help in the employment of some of the more complex rule systems we might use in a 'figure' game.

Some games are competitive, some are played 'just for fun'