A battle of Kings (of War)

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Exemplar Bodrick sat on his Griffon and looked out over the valley towards the far ridge, he turned to the rider next to him and said “in the name of Valandor what is that noise?”
The other rider cocked his head slightly towards the sound as if listening and then said “that Bodrick is the sound of death, the Ratkin swarm will be here soon” he turned then to look at his friend and said “do not worry so much my friend, it is a good day to die” and he smiled.
Bodrick smiled as well and tugged sharply on the reigns on his restless mount, it stretched out it’s huge wings and lifted it’s vicious beak and screeched as if calling a challenge to the skittering hordes that were now scurrying like a huge wave over the ridge on the far side of the valley.

Then they heard the drumming! it seemed that this day they would not just be killing vermin, but also Ogres!! Hordes of the brutes were cresting the ridge at the far end of the valley.
“Bodrick you go and let our brothers know that we have company, and I will fly over and say hello to our guests”
Bodrick nodded his head slightly in acknowledgment and turned his mount back towards his battle line waiting calmly a short distance behind them.

The other Exemplar watched his friend go and smiled “I hope you survive this day my friend, if not then I shall meet you at Valandor’s side” he turned then and looked back at the huge skittering horde as it poured screeching towards him.
“where are you evil one?” he whispered, looking for the the foul Demonspawn he had seen a few seconds earlier, he had guessed that Bodrick had not seen it, because he knew he would have tried to stop him facing it alone.

Then he saw it, the Demon had been crawling along behind a horde of vile Brutes, now it had stretched up to it’s full height and had launched it’s self into the air on huge black leathery wings and it was coming straight for him!!

The Exemplar gently patted the neck of his Griffon, and said “it looks like it wants to play with us, let us not keep it waiting” he raised his sword towards the enemy demon, and with an almost effortless leap his mount took to the air towards the Deamonspawn……..


Well that was a great game, and with 6,000 points of troops facing each other across the table it was also a big one!!

6,000 points of The Brotherhood,  with a regiment of Dwarf allies with a Flame belcher cannon ( which actually never fired in the game!! ) fought against 3,000 points of Ratkins and 3,000 points of Ogres who also had a unit or two of Abyssal Dwarf allies.

After a few battles with the Brotherhood I have got to know how good and how hard they are, and I have fought against the Ratkins and Ogres before and likewise knew how hard they were, so this was not going to be an easy victory for either side.

We first drew some random objectives, just to give us something else to do rather than just stand and kill each other, I drew “kill two enemy Regiments” (100 points) and as a secondary objective I got “hold the hill” (50 points)
The other Brotherhood objective was  “Destroy an enemy warmachine” (50 points)
The Ogres got “kill one enemy hero” (100 points) for his main objective
I can’t remember what the Ratkins were.

After the initial impressive set up ( there was over 300 rats on the table, and close to 300 humans on the other, plus a few Ogres to add to the numbers ).
The battle started well for the Brotherhood, a couple of lucky shots with their artillery saw the Ratkins right flank looking a bit shaky, the Deamonspawn flew over to bolster the lines, and ended up holding the flank on it’s own for most of the battle, the fight between my Exemplar and Bill’s Demon was up to my normal standard, one attack saw me getting four possible wounds only needing 2+ and I rolled four 1’s, one of my Forsaken Beasts did a couple of wounds and on the Nerve test I rolled double one!!!!!

The Rats thought it highly amusing…. even my fellow Brothers laughed!!

The Ogres put out a lot of hurt on the Brotherhood’s battle line with some really nasty shooting, and had brought along a hated creature as an ally… The dreaded Bazuzu, but for the first time ever playing against this horrible little gnat!!! We actually managed to kill it  :D

The centre was a blood bath for both armies, you could almost here the clash of weapons against shields and armour as legions of slaves pushed forward by hordes of Ratkins charged in the Brotherhood troops, it was a great moment when the battle lines met in the middle of the table.

The Ogres proved to be as deadly in close combat as they were when shooting their heavy crossbows, they can dish out lots of attacks!!

After a great hard fought battle the Brotherhood just managed to get a victory over the bad guy’s! There were some great moments and some painful ones on both sides, the game ended with 200 objective points for the Brotherhood and 100 points for the Ratkins and allies.



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