A funny thing happened on the way from the tournament

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My son has amassed a fair collection of 90mm Knights, you know Papo castle types, but thanks to my discerning gaming mates several very nice  Schleich and Revell Epixx too.

I also love the Songs of Blade and Heros game engine (new version out,  a real bargain).  I therefore present…

A strictly historical representation [cough] for the period from Ivanhoe (the 1952 film with Robert Taylor; watch Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor compete for the best lighting), through  Conan Doyles’ The White Company, to Excalibur (the 1981 film, put  Carmina Burana on to FULL VOLUME and remember Cherie Lunghi…)

A wandering minstral strums a lute  and sets the scene:

After a fine day in the lists at the local tournie, Sir Jovial Cove, his fine wife Eleanor and entourage are on the way home to By Jove Towers. Sir Jovial has many a trophy, his lovely wife has  runout of scarfs to bestow on proffered lances, and the purses of all bulge with many a successful side bet or from a well-aimed arrow in the competition butts. Only Ahmed the Moor, the more practical of Sir Jovial’s acquisitions from his time on Crusade in the Holy Land is alert to any danger.
And so he might be, for lurking in ambuscade is Sir Godfrey B’stard , who has suffered merciless from Sir Jovial’s lance and seeks his revenge.  His main aim is to regain the gold, but seizing the fragrant Eleanor, his unrequited childhood sweetheart, will be a bonus. With him are his usual entourage of dubious heritage and mixed martial ability, plus a collection of ne’r do wells after a fast shilling and a now destitute jousting bookie seeking revenge.

The story unfolds….

Basically all chaos!  Sir Jovial (in red and gold livery) safely escorted his wife home on one flank,  while minions of B’stard (in black of course!) closed on the chest of gold but held of by Ahmed the Moor (my fave figure, shown below , by Schleich).



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