(Another) Monday night with the Warlords

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Some stuff we did last Monday…

Kings of War – Alexander, David Gemmel Style


A SAGA Saga – 3 boats of Vikings attack an Anglo Saxon village, which calls for help from surrounding villages.


40K Deathwatch – retrieve arcane items from a jettisoned pod that landed on an Eldar Feral world. Only problem was there was a coven of Dark Eldar. Competing teams of Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines had to co-operate to survive


Gates of Antares – action on a bucolic Colonial world – 40K and Mantic figures


Fistful of TOWS for WW2 in 15mm – US Artillery gets into the swing of things


Infinity – check out that scenery from our resident terrain guru!


Also on were games of Chain of Command and Lords of Waterdeep.

We play just about anything – great for varied gaming, not so good for the wallet or rules learning šŸ˜‰

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