Club Night 18/09/2017

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Unfortunately no photo’s but here’s a list of the many varied games that were being played at the club this week. As you can see a nice mix of different games but if any of these games don’t take your fancy some in the coming weeks might just do so, and if they do why not come along and join in!

  • 20mm WW2 – Aint Been Shot Mum rules – Brits vs Germans, 1945
  • 15mm 7 Years War – Honours of War rules
  • 25mm WW2 – Bolt Action – Finns vs Germans, 1945
  • 25mm Lord of the Rings – Kings of War (with house rules)
  • 6mm Alt-History Modern – Fistful of TOW’s 3 rules
  • 6mm Ultra-Modern – Fistful of TOW’s 3 rules
  • 20mm/ ‘Matchbox scale’ – Route 666
  • 25mm 40k
  • 25mm 40K
  • 25mm 40K
  • 32mm Batman
  • Bloodbowl



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