Stars and Lasers

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It’s Star Wars, but not as we know it…..

Pics from a game between Mac and myself using Mac’s homegrown spaceship rules, Stars and Lasers.

Stars & Lasers 1

The rules are still in playtesting, but close to being fully refined and play really nicely…very cinematic and quite deadly when close in. Because of lighting and an antique phone camera, not all the pics came out, but enough here to show the two 1500 point sides and the table layout. The later pics show ships getting in close and slugging it out at close range…much like old ships of the line raking each other with broadsides. The ships are from two different manufacturers and model lines.

Stars & Lasers 2

Mac’s starfleet are is his GZG Neu Swabian Full Thrust ships (supplemented by the EM4’s plastic spaceship range as corvettes) which are slightly smaller than my Spartan Games Firestorm Armada Terran; but it doesn’t matter as the rules are written whereby any scale would be usable. The table did get a little busy because of a need to use dice to mark some game aspects, some necessary, some could be disposed of…such as me using white dice to identify my ships, rather than a number on the base or model.

Stars & Lasers 3

The activation is by dice drawing and these are used to identify which ships have gone that turn. A lot of fun to play…maybe because I won; hate beating him with his own rules.

– Bill Tate


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