Last Train from Mwambi – somewhere in alternative Africa 1899

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One of the finest monuments to the progressive and enlightened rule of the Belgians* in the Congo is the Mwambi and Interior Railway, a masterpiece of engineering through marsh, jungle and mountain, known to the locals as the Iron Way Built on the Bones of my Grandfathers.

But there is grim news from the heart of darkness. The last train from Mwambi is days late and as luck and cheesy scenario plotting would have it, is the centre of intrigues, plots and schemes to a wide range of nefarious and extraordinary groups.

Could it be the locals have finally had enough, led by an inspiring witch doctor, and stopped the train ?

Could someone looking remarkably like Herbert Lom** have seized control of the train’ s Maxim gun and as even now be pointing it the last true Princess of Mwambi who is fleeing her evil uncle?

Is there some horrible but highly advanced and highly stealable medical experiment and it’s mad creator Dr Moreau travelling in the cargo wagon?

Could infamous international woman of mystery Arenie Idler be on board and in possession of papers that could lead to the down fall of the King of the Belgians and a massive market crash in the price of waffles?

Who knows but find out one Monday in June, as (tbc) Tarzan, the French Foreign Legion (plus a mad mule), the RN Interior Waterways Expeditionary Force and now doubt some clockwerken Teutonic maniacs in a Zeppelin , rush to investigate in an In Her Majesty’s Name party game, accompanied by Our Own Correspondent who will soon be send reports of the amazing events.

*is that right? Ed
** DO keep up…

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