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We finally got the game played.

IMG_20160229_200338_edit The Germans streamed out of the harbour (pic) in fine form and then rapidly destroyed the middle of three advancing British squadrons .


Dd narvik clash

Germans big Gun DDs (nearest) go broadside for broadside with the Tribals, the ‘beached’ , casualty was ‘blown there’  as might happen when a small ship takes 4 torps in the side…

Blog narvik warspite

Warspite turns the tide… Some near misses shown but then three Germans feel the wrath and the way is open to the harbour and the target merchants despite a desperate surprise  Eboat attack.  So an close RN win but questions to be asked at Admiralty at scale of DD losses.

I used the classic and excellent GQ rules, with few tweaks.   First, activation  of the squadrons was randomised by dealing a card from half a pack; 13 red , 13 black.  Highest moves last red beats black.   Then there is a gunnery phase , simultaneous, unless the squadron had A King or Ace  (if British) or Ace (if German) that allows you to shoot first. The torpedos were fired as the next separate phase so you might sink before the fish are let loose.

Second I treated the Eboats as separate ships not as generic stats as GQ does.

Last I used a common GQ house rule on torpedos that make the game flow faster.

On reflection…

Warpsite is a bit too much of a force of nature in the game, as it should be, when it enters the fjord. And yes Bill – ‘hey vere did my zestroyer go’ – it really did come along way in! 🙂 .  I might make it sit on the table edge and make it more of random event effect  in future games. Though equally German tactics may have been at fault…

Secondly, I may have (cough) misinterpreted torpedo rules (whoops) as DDs were far too easily hit by torps , though to be fair they were being fired at point blank range.

But still good fun, thanks to the chaps for indulging  me,  and plenty of ‘what if’ scope for more Light Forces action off Norway.


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