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One of the benefits of retiring to mid France is you get the space for a thumping great gaming table – one of our members sent us these pix from his solo game (the downside of mid France is the closest SLW member is 2 hours away further North ….)

Anyway, if you like Napoleonics porn, here we go….taking the bridge and town of Abensberg circa 1809. General de Brigade, approximated Orbats

The setup – Bavarians on the left attack the bridge, Austrians on the right are not well deployed to resist

Bavarian Skirmishers duelling with Austrian Guns and Grenzers

Bavarians come pouring over the bridge, Grenz infantry opposing them

More Bavarians rush across the river but are unformed as they do so.

Austrian infantry reinforcements start to arrive

Oh Dear! The Austrian Reserves are moving.

Things really start to get difficult for the Bavarians when Austrian cavalry start to ford the river on the Bavarian’s flanks.

Things fall apart under weight of Austrian numbers, will the centre hold?


The circling Austrian cavalry falls on the rear of the Bavarian artillery…..

Austrian Hussars successfully charge both batteries of Bavarian guns and their crews evade.

….and then onto the rear of the Bavarian infantry, who have also failed to crack the Kaiserliks in their front. Surrounded, they had to surrender.

Bavarian line routed by the charge into their rear.

The good news as a Solo gamer is that you are always victorious, the bad news is that you always lose. The Bavarian alter ego reflected that:

“I should really have thought more carefully about assaulting head-on and the clever cavalry flank attack just didn’t work either.”


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