Salute 2016…. we thank you all

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Mam’selle – Possibly our most glamorous Salute figure ever, with her fine figure superbly painted by Warlords’ Kevin Dallimore

As Warlord feet slowly return to operational service, and adrenaline levels equilibrate to standard Sloth settng, we will start to assess the goods, bads and learnings from Salute 2016 over the next few weeks and we will post up the competition prize winners, our pictures, thoughts etc.

For the thousands out there holding their breath, the final score in our Running the Guns game was 5-4 to Fleet Air Arm over Portsmouth. The Horus heresy kicked off in fine style on Mars with the Bad Guys doing rather well, and Spock did it in the galley with a lead pipe (oops, different game….reset tricorder)

But what really makes Salute what it is is not us, its all of you in our hobby – the clubs who put on the games, the traders with all that wallet-rending shiny Saloot, the model painters whose stunning quality of work makes our painting competition such a showcase for our hobby – and of course all of you who braved the early morning wakeup call and the hard yards of concrete flooring and came, saw, conquered and met friends old and new. Also great to see so many coming in from other countries – Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welkom

Also delighted to see all the pictures on others’ blogs already (it is such a big show and most of us at Warlords are so busy we don’t get round it all) – here are some blog links, we will add more as they pop up in the cyberverse.

…..en vir de Nederlanders, Murphy’s Heroes – begin hier

And finally, last but not least, we’d like to mention the legions we recruit to help us on the day – the other clubs that stood with us once more unto the breach as the doors opened (Gamers sah, farsands of ’em!), the family and friends, the volunteers we co-opt, the team at Excel that make it possible for an amateur wargames club to put on a show of this scale.

We thank you all

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