The Battle of Araure “Largo de los Muertos”- 5th December 1813

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Araure 1

The battle was fought south of the town of Araure on 5 December 1813. Boliver led a poor quality Patriot army, albeit with some battle experience, against an larger but even poorer quality of Royalist army under  José Ceballos. The battle lasted for about six hours and resulted in a Patriot victory. The battle was fought on a plain just south of the town of Araure. A broad semi-circle of woods closed the field from the North, west and south while a fairly long north-south ridge called “La Galera” dominated the eastern edge. In the middle of the field was a lake, today called “Largo de los Muertos” (Lake of the Dead)
The battle took place in what is now called Venezuela and this battle is one of 41 battles and sieges that took place in this region during the period 1810 -29 as small different Patriot armies took the field to throw of the yoke of Spanish imperialism. There were a further 35 battles and sieges in the Chile and Peru area over the same period.



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