The French battleship Hoche in Dystopian Wars

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Surely there can be no finer flagship for a French Dystopian Wars (DW) fleet than the Hoche, or “Grand Hotel”, the most absurd battleship ever built (see picture below).

The French Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Hoche, aka the Grand Hotel

Her “diamond” arrangement of her heavy guns fitted the arrangement of the heavy guns and heat lances of the  DW French flagship Charlemagne. Turned out hat Spartan Games (now sadly in receivership), who made DW, sold some of the key bitz for their models like the guns, funnels, bridges and heat lances etc that give their “look” to their models in game. So it was clear a scratchbuild of a Steampunk’d Hoche had to be done The deal was sealed when a fellow club members said he’d 3D print the hull shape. So..dusting off rusty balsa-bashing skills, some bought bitz and a bright green plastic hull plus a printout off t’internet of the Combrig Models ship plan later, construction started:

Hoche 6

Hoche under construction in a secret Warlord shipyard

And she was launched just in time to sail down to the Meditteranean to fight the nefarious Turks – here she is sailing out in the wine dark sea with her escorts  (I painted my French in one of the colour schemes the French used at the time – the very light grey superstructure makes her very bright in the photos so she sort of shone out – a star, but sadly the pics don’t show the detail)

Hoche sails out

And there was of course a fight to the finish with a Turkish dreadnought – both ships limped home (eventually), honour satisfied….French seapower in the Steampunk Med has had a major boost…

Hoche v Turks

….as Perfidiuous Albion also found out – here she is blasting a British carrier while at the same time sending a British dreadnought into a rocky island. Hoche was sunk, but what a way to go!

Hoche v Albion

She will of course be back from the bottom for the next action……

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