Display & Participation Games List as Salute Zero Nine

Name of Game Game Type Club Name Period Description
Flintloque the Skirmish Demonstration & Participation ALTERNATIVE GAMERS Fantasy The Battle of Kooruna is underway a few companies of troops clash in the village of Pedra Disembouwla: he who holds the village holds the path to victory
Armies of Arcana Demonstration ARMIES OF ARCANA PLAYERS GUILD Fantasy Fantasy Battles between 4 players [2 per side] controlling 2000 point Armies per side.
At Close Quarters/Power Projection Demonstration & Participation BITS UK LIMITED Far Future ACQ: Battle your way aboard the Starship excalibur or defend it with your life or Captain an Imperial Warship into battle with the Zhodani.
The Lost & Strange and Raiders of the Lost Egg Participation BLACK CAT BASES Fantasy Lost & Strange - Modern Gothic Horror [1 game]Raiders of the Lost Egg - Defend your temple against Egg Hunters [2 games]
Goodwood Participation BOLT ACTION MINIATURES WW2 WW2 Game using Bolt Action Miniatures.
Starfighter Participation BRAINTREE WARGAMES GROUP Sci-Fi Space Combat with Starfighters set in the Star Wars Universe [New Films]
Sicily 1943 Demonstration BRITISH MODEL SOLDIER SOCIETY WW2 Germans last ditch defence of a village
Hold onto your jewels Lads Demonstration CANTERBURY GAMERS - FNFFC Weird WW2 The Evil Nazi's attempt to grab the Crown Jewels and bring the British Empire to it's knees.
All Quiet on the Sea Front Participation CARRY ON WARGAMING WW1 It is 1913 and the Germans have mad a surprise attack and captured the King. Can you rescue him before he is taken away by a Submarine to Germany.
Can you do better than Michael Wittman Participation LES CHEMINS DE FEU WW2 WW2 Game based on Michael Wittman's feats against the British at Villers-Bocage.
Battle of Novara 1849 Demonstration CONTINENTAL WARS SOCIETY 19th Century Radetzky's Revenge. With Austria rocked by revolution and war in Hungary Radetzky holds Northern Italy for the Hapsburgs defeating the Piedmontese and forcing their King to abdicate.
Operation Galilee 1984 Participation CRAWLEY WARGAMES CLUB Modern Lebanon 1984. Fight as a tea
Outwit the Wittman Participation DARK KNIGHTS AND BLOODY DAWNS Late WW2 Michael Wittman stalks 7th Armoured Div. around Villiers Bocage. You have been ordered to hunt him down in your tank.
Seeds of War Demonstration & Participation DARK REALM MINIATURES Sci-Fi Huge Armies causing as much mayhem as possible
Sicily 1943 Participation DEAL WARGAMES SOCIETY WW2 British Commandos await relief at a bridge in Sicily whilst under attack from German Troops and Armour
In Space No-One Can Hear You Whaag! Participation DUNSTABLE GENERALS Sci-Fi Individual Skirmish Game based on a Space Hulk.
Storm in Flanders Demonstration EASTBOURNE MEN AT ARMS Early WW1 Action from the early months of WW1 with trenches and a mined village.
Various Board Games Participation ESDEVIUM GAMES - -
1st Battle of St. Albans Demonstration GLC GAMES CLUB Medieval Recreation of the Battle in the narrow streets of the Medieval Town.
Assault on Innsmouth Participation GLORANTHAN ARMY Pulp [Cthulu] Based on the novel The Shadows over Innsmouth by H P Lovecraft. The game will recreate the assault on Innsmouth as described in the novel. It will be based on small missions enabling players to enter and leave the game whenever they want see http://gloarmy.free.fr/INNSMOUTH_UK5.pdf for the rules.
In the Dark Future there are GRYNN Participation HASSLEFREE MINIATURES Sci-Fi Sci Fi Dwarves (Grynn) take on Various Baddies
All DAKA DAKA on the Eastern Front Participation ILFORD WARGAMES GROUP WW1 Wings of War Party Game
They are taking the Hobbits to Isenguard Participation KINGSTON GAMES GROUP Fantasy Skirmish Game based on Lord of the Rings
Chateau Martragny 1940 Demonstration KONFEDERACY OF EASTBOURNE GAMERS WW2 May 1940. French Troops are surprised by the speed of the German Advance. Will they fight or will they run?
Siege of Tenochtitlan Demonstration LA GRANDE ARMEE 16th Century Basically an interpretation of the siege built around then town square part of the town and some dams.
Napoleonic Demonstration & Participation LEAGUE OF AUGSBURG Napoleonic Two games both Napoleonic Period 1x Demonstration and 1x Fast Play Participation.
Alien Squad Leader Participation LINCOMBE BARN WARGAMES SOCIETY Sci-Fi Squad Level Fast Play Sci-Fi Battles
Berlin 1945 Demonstration LOUGHTON STRIKE FORCE WW2 Assault on the Reichstag
Thunder on the Danube Demonstration MAIDSTONE WARGAMES SOCIETY Napoleonic The Battle of Aspern - Essling May 1809
Battle for Devil's Castle Demonstration MAJIC MINIATURES Pulp WW2 Spring 1945: As the Allies get ever closer; Orders come from Berlin to defend Devil's Castle. Will reinforcements brought in the night be enough to halt the Allies relentless advanc
Master of Europe Participation MEGAGAME MAKERS Napoleonic Napoleonic Battles on Map
Three Week Wonders Participation MID ANGLIA WARGAMERS WWI Aerial Fly individual Air Combat over the Western Front in World War One
Warmachine Naval Battles Participation MITCHAM MARAUDERS Fantasy Warmachine Naval Battle game.
Wagram 1809 Demonstration NEWARK IRREGULARS Napoleonic One of the largest Napoleonic battles brought to life in 6mm. Can the Austrians win this time or will Napoleon seal the fate of the Hapsburg Empire?
- Demonstration & Participation NEWBURY & READING WARGAMES SOCIETY 17th & 19thC 17th C. Demo Games using Warlord II Rules 19th C. ACW/Colonial using latest edition Esprit de Corps rules.
Battle of Jarama 1937 Demonstration NICK EYRE Spanish Civil War Franco's Nationalist attempt to surround Madrid. Game features action of British International Brigade on Suicide Mountain.
- Participation NORTH LONDON WARGAMES GROUP N/k Naval Game.
AD69 Year of the Four Emperors Participation NOTTINGHAM WARHAMMER HISTROICAL GAMING CLUB Ancient Romans and their Barbarian Allies battle for the ultimate prize - Emperorship of Rome
The Siege of Okamoto-Jo Demonstration OSHIRO MODEL TERRAIN Sengoko Jidai The Siege of a fictional castle from Japanese Warring State
TBA Participation OUTPOST WARGAMES 1970s Skirmish Game based on the Crime Scene in London
Retreat from Moscow Participation OXFORD WARGAMES SOCIETY Napoleonic Napoleons retreat from Moscow in 1812
Dark Age Demos Participation P.W.G.C. - ARTEMIS BLACK Post Apocalyptic Skirmish Particpation Game
Quatre Bras Demonstration PERRY MINIATURES Napoleonic Game using Black Powder Rules
N/a Participation & Information PIKE AND SHOT SOCIETY N/a Information Stand only
Hordes Participation PRIVATEER PRESS Fantasy Game of Horders Using pre-chosen force
- Demonstration RAGGED ANGEL Cold War To be confirmed
For Lords Tomorrow is a Busy Day Demonstration REAL TIME WARGAMERS War of the Roses Battles of the War of the Roses linked to a campaign system
The Hungary Offensive Italy June 1918 Demonstration Scarab Miniatures WW1 Austro Hungarian assault across the River Piave against an alliance of Italian French and British Troops [Using Scarab Miniatures and Kallistra Terrain]
Awful Green Things from Outer Space Demonstration SCIMITAR Sci-Fi 3D Big Board Version of the Steve Jackson Game
Wings of War Participation SHADOW WARRIORS WW1 Fly a fragile Bi-Plane over the tranchs and engage the enemy.
Hell Dorado/Infinity/AT43/USX Participation SIMPLE MINIATURES GAMES Sci-Fi & Fantasy HELL DORADO 28mm Skirmish game set in adventurous historical fantasy HELL. Play a Conquistador Styled Westerner Saracen or a Demonic Inhabitant of the new hell. AT43 28mm Sci-Fi Battle Game. INFINITY 28mm Futuristic fast-paced skirmish game. CTHULHU MSX Modern Day Heroes. Cthulu walks the Earth and faces off against Elvis Impersonators and SWAT Teams. Urban War/Metropolis Fast paced Sci-Fi skirmish game where you build a small team of soldiers to fight in the war-torn city planet of Iskandria.
Not Known Demonstration SKIRMISH WARGAMES N/k -
TBA Participation & Information SOCIETY OF ANCIENTS Ancient TBA
Fall Weib 1939 Participation SOUTH DEVON GAMES CLUB WW2 German Invasion of Poland in 1939. Players can join either the Germans or the Plucky Polish Defenders
WOT? No Parachute Participation SOUTH EAST ESSEX MILITARY SOCIETY WW1 Participation Game using WW1 Bombers versus a Fighter Defence
USUTHU Participation SOUTH LONDON WARLORDS Victorian Large Scale Zulu attack on British Camp during the Zulu Wars
Alternate Space Participation SOUTH LONDON WARLORDS Sci-Fi Large Scale Participation Sci Fi Skirmish Game
Normandy 1944 Demonstration SOUTH LONDON WARLORDS WW2 British try to break through towards a major river despite hasty German defences. Meanwhile the Resistance try to liberate the town before the British arrive.
- Participation SOUTH LONDON WARLORDS TANK GAME WW2 Obstacle course for the young tank driver to negotiate
Space Vixens from Mars Participation & Information SOUTHBOURNE TABLETOP AND BOARD GAMERS Sci-Fi Pulp Role-Play in the 26th Century
1588 and All That: The Battle of Long Melford Participation SPIRIT OF THE GAME Elizabethan Spanish Ships have captured Harwich. Fight as Spanish Raider or as English Trained Bandsmen
Winter in White Russia Demonstration SSWG WW2 3 Demo Games on warfare in White Russia involving Partizans etc.
Flames of War and Uncharted Seas Participation STAFFORD GAMES & UKCORD WW2 & Fantasy Naval Flames of War [WW2] and Uncharted Seas Fantasy navy [FN] game by Spartan Games which is quick fun and brutal. Shoot ram board and sink your enemies ships.
Redcoats on the Red Planet Participation STAINES WARGAMERS Victorian Sci-Fi Redcoats on the Red Planet
Wargods of Aegyptus Participation STOKE WARGAMES GROUP Ancient Fantasy Fantasy Battles between Ancient Aegyptian Warbands.
Iron Kingdoms & Wings of War Participation TANELORN WARGAMES CLUB Fantasy & WW1 Two Games on one table - Warmachine on one side and Wings of War on the other
Nomonhan - Japan v Russia 1939 Demonstration THE ESCAPE COMMITTEE Pre-WW2/Inter War The escalation of a border incursion turns into a major defeat for the Imperial Japanese Army and a victory for General Zhukov. Demonstration of Infantry Warfare on the Mongolian Steppes with supporting aircraft tanks and armoured cars.
Brecourt Manor Participation THE HORNCHURCH WARGAMES CLUB WW2 Captain Winter's Easy Company attack on 4x 105mm German Howitzers on D-Day [Band of Brothers Rules]
Not Known Demonstration & Information THE LANCE & LONGBOW SOCIETY Medieval War of the Roses Battle using Warmaster Ancients Medieval Supplement
Atlantic Convoy Participation THE NAVAL WARGAMES SOCIETY WW2 Players can control either the Convoy and it's Escorts or the U-Boat Wolf Packs trying to evade the Escorts and sink the Merchantmen. Uses the Deadly Waters rules by Mal Wright
The Battle of Romani Demonstration THE WOODBINE DESIGN COMPANY [GRIPPING BEAST] WW1 The Turkish Army try to capture the Suez Canal with only the 1st Australian Light Horse in their way
Johari Participation TIN SOLDIERS OF ANTWERP Pulp 1920's Adventure Game in Jungle Setting
The Battle of Minden 1945 Demonstration TONBRIDGE WELLS WARGAMES SOCIETY WW2 Battles near Minden WW2 using FOW rules
Over The Top Participation TWO FAT LARDIES WW1 WW1 Game based on Too Fat Lardies New Great War rules To The Green Fields Beyond""""
- - U.K. Tank Club - Large Scale Model Tank Demonstration
Julianus at Ozogardana Demonstration UXBRIDGE WARGAMERS Ancients Large scale Late Romans versus Sassanid
Battle of Waterloo Demonstration WALKERLOO TOY SOLDIERS Napoleonic Games suitable for ages of 10+ and perhaps younger. New Set of Rules.
Magenta - A 150th Annivesary Re-Fight Demonstration WARGAME DEVELOPMENTS 19th Century This Battle marked a decisive moment in the reunification of Italy. This game will demonstrate how large battles like this can be re-created using green materials and simple mechanics
The Battle of Turnham Green 1642 Demonstration WARLORD GAMES ECW Game uses Walords New ECW Figures making their WORLD DEBUT.
Her Last Stand Participation WARLORD GAMES Ancient A What If game involving the Romans clash with Boadicea.
No-Go-Zone Participation WARM ACRE Modern Game set in London's Urban sprawl where Law & Chaos collide. Choose your side and take back the streets
AK47 Participation WEYMOUTH WARGAMERS Modern Africa Warlord Games in Modern Africa
Operation Trident (1961) Demonstration WHITEHALL WARLORDS Modern Africa Depiction of Portugese Riverine and Air Assault Operations against Liberation Fighters in Guinea Bissau. Uses AK-47 rules.
Escape from Coltitz Participation WHITSTABLE & HERNE BAY WARGAMERS WW2 Set in a Castle remarkably similar to the one famous in WW2. Players take the role of POW's trying to get escape equipment and get a Home Run"" back to safety evading the German Guards along the way.""
Essex Boys Demonstration WIGMORE WARRIORS Tudor Attempt by the Earl of Essex to seize power


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