Display & Participation Games List

Name of Game Game Type Club Name Period Scale Description
The Ion Age. Futuristic Battles using Firefight 2.0 and HOF Fire-Team. Participation Alternative Gamers Sci-Fi 28mm and 15mm Come along and take part in many short actions across the day. Using the new Firefight 2.0 grid based wargame rules for 28mm sci-fi and also the new HOF Fire-Team rules for grid based combat in 15mm scale. Fast, furious and fun. Two game systems unlike any other. All needed miniatures, terrain, etc provided. Turn up and play!
Governance of Technology Demonstration Antenociti's Workshop Sci-Fi 32mm Official Release of Figures & Scenery SciFi Range. Post-Singularity Science Fiction
Armies of Arcana Demonstration Armies of Arcana Players Guild Fantasy 28mm Come and see if we do a siege or a full scale battle
Veni Vidi Vici Participation Aylesbury Wargames Club Ancient 28mm Roman Legions attack a Celtic Hillfort.
BLOOD ON THE SAND - AND NOT A RED COAT IN SIGHT Demonstration Skirmish Wargames Colonial 54mm C1880s Sudanese versus Abyssinians i.e. A colonial battle between native nations, which does not involve europeans!
Sci Fi Skirmishes & Fleet Wars Participation BITS Sci-Fi 25mm & 1/7500th Battle to defend your starship against pirate boarders, or cut your enemy's warship in two with your fleet's laser - either is possible in Traveller's Far Far Future.
TBA Participation Black Cat bases TBA TBA TBA
Normandy Breakout Demonstration Braintree Wargames Group WW2 20mm American forces attempt to break out of Bocage country
Capitan Demonstration Demonstration Captain Games Napoleonic 28mm CAPITAN is a selection of rules designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance, recognition, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border posts, incursions into enemy territory, and all those situations where specific tasks are assigned to a few troops of their units.
Afghanistan & The Russian Way 1985 Participation Chemins de Feu Modern 28mm Soviet forces efforts to rescue downed helicopter pilots
Battle of Miloslaw Demonstration Continental Wars Society 19th Century 30mm Polish Volunteers take on a column of Prussian Regular Infantry and Cavalry in an ambush in the Miloslaw Forest - April 1848
Tannenberg/Grunwald 1410 Demonstration Crawley Wargames Club Medieval 15mm 600th Anniversary of the Agincourt of Eastern Europe. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland crushed an army of the Teutonic Order. It is one of the most important battles of the era & the largest battle to involve knights.
Par la fenetre, avec des epees Participation Crazy Bear and Ragged Staff Historical 40mm A fun friendly little game of swords, hats with feathers in them and daring do, set in a Hollywood version of a Dumas novel. If you have twenty minutes to kill pop on by and see if you can outwit the cardinal's guards!
Anakin's Solution, may the Brick be with you Demonstration Dark Knights and Bloody Dawns Sci-Fi 40mm Star Wars & Clone Wars. Young Anakin starts his slip towards the Darkside his agression showing, wanting all out War against the Federation
Seeds of War Participation Dark Realm Miniatures Sci-Fi 6mm Huge Armies causing as much mayhem as possible
Dawn of War - Westerplatte 1939 Demonstration Deal Wargames Society WW2 20mm Dawn breaks over Westerplatte Fortress on 1st September 1939. All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose as the main guns from the German battle cruiser Schleswig Holstein unleash the dogs of war.
Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Daleks Participation Doctor Who Miniatures Game Sci-Fi 28mm What's going on down on the Streets of Canary Wharf? Join The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, the Preachers, Yvonne and her Torchwood soldiers in the continuing battle against the Cybermen and the Dalek Cult of Skaro. Multi player participation action set in the world of the New series of Doctor Who
A Rig Too Far Participation Doctor Who Miniatures Game Sci-Fi 28mm Something happened on board the Euro Sea Gas deep drill oil rig - every worker is missing and the rig has been towed to nearby Devil's Bay for inspection by UNIT. In the quiet highland dawn howeve
Rise of the Necromancer Participation Dunstable Generals Fantasy 28mm Hostile Acolytes compete to gather the gems of power before the Ritual of Awakening. Undead Homegrown Skirmish.
An Introduction to Crossfire: A small town in Germany Participation East Grinstead Gamers WW2 15mm Participation game for 2 players. The Russian Participants have a limited time to seize key buildings in a small German Town on the Eastern Front. They are up against hidden Germans, Reinforcements and the clock!
Esdevium Games Participation Esdevium Games varies varies A Selection of the latest and greatest board games for you to try.
Siege of Belgrade Demonstration Evesham Wargames Club Medieval 10mm Siege of Belgrade 1456 using Warmaster Medieval Rules
TBA Participation Freebooter Minis TBA TBA TBA
The Christmas Truce Participation Frothers Unite UK (Psuedo) Historical 28mm Legend has it that in December 1914 a truce was declared between the British and Germans, and a number of games of football were played on the No-man's land between the trenches. Using customised Subbuteo figures this game attempts to recreate the fun and excitement of those football games.
Frotherheim Participation Frothers Unite UK Fantasy 28mm Frotherheim is a town teeming with life and brimming with peril. Merchants, Heroes, Cutthroats and Vagabonds all gather to find work, plan adventures and prey on the innocent and the unsuspecting. Bring your gang and fight for the supremacy on the streets alleyways and rooftops of the most dangerous town in the known world
Details to come Demonstration Gamers - - -
Details to come Demonstration Games Workshop - - -
Guerilla Spain 1811 Demonstration GLC Gamers Club Napoleonic 25mm Panisular War Skirmish Game
INCURSION Participation Gloranthan Army Weird WW2 28mm 1949 Gibralter - US Lucky Sevens invade the German Stronghold to shut down a Doomsday Device before it can be deployed.
SAGA! Demonstration Gripping Beast Historical 28mm Viking Civil War in Norway. Using Playtest Versions of forthcoming Viking Age Big Battle and Skirmish Rules
The Breaching of Complex Alpha Participation Hasslefree Miniatures Sci-Fi 28mm & 1/56th A group of Unlikelies open the door to a secret underground research facility. What wiil they find? Will they make it out alive to tell the tale? Participation game with prizes.
Glider Assault Demonstration Honnington Wargame Group WW2 20mm Recreation of the Assaults on Pegasus and Morsa Bridges prior to the D-Day Landings.
Swashbuckler Participation Hornchurch War Games Club Historical 90mm The game is set in a tavern and the participants take control of 'Musketeer' like characters. They will sword fence with each other, brawl throwing various items of furniture, shove tables and swing from chandeliers in the old Errol Flynn movie style.
Battles of the Dark Tower Demonstration Ilford Wargames Group Fantasy 28mm The Dark Elves are at war and by magical means are able to transport their tower and army across the land. Death, Destruction and Blood is demanded by the Fallen Goddess whose thirst is never satisfied....
Some of the Kingdoms Demonstration Konfederacy of Eastbourne Gamers Fantasy 28mm The Final Apocalyptic Battle of a Three Year Campaign where the Armies of Good meet the ones that are Not Nice At All. A MASSED Hordes of the Things game.
The Last of the 100 Days Demonstration League of Augsburg Napoleonic 28mm Battle of Waterloo - Late in the day when Napoleon attempted to break the Allied Centre by attacking with his Imperial Guard using Republic to Empire rules
Blood Bowl Demonstration Les Marie Louise Des Flandres Fantasy 28mm Fantasy Game based on American Football
Alien Squad Leader Participation Lincombe Barn Wargames Society Sci-Fi 15mm Squad based Science Fiction Game
Alternative Lord of the Rings Demonstration London Gamers Fantasy 25-32mm We will be using a mixture of miniatures from a wide variety of manufacturers spanning Historical through to fantasy to show the versatility of the Armies of Arcana Rules system. It will feature a scratch built castle measuring 2' x 3' x 6'.
Battle of Bassuco Demonstration Loughton Strike Force Napoleonic 28mm None Given
Battle of Blenheim 1704 Demonstration M & M's Historical 25mm Full recreation of the forces and Battle of Blenheim, between the English and their Allies under the Duke of Marlborough, and the French-Bavarian Army of Tallard, Marsin and the Bavarian Elector, All painted by Matt Slade and Martin Holmes over a 5 year period.
Under The Twin Suns Demonstration Maidstone Wargames Society Sci-Fi 6mm Two mighty armies clash over mineral resources, under the twin suns of Nova Delta V.
Operation Broken Arrow Demonstration Majic Miniatures Pulp WW2 6mm A prototype Silverbird Sanger Bomber has crashed in remote farmland. The Germans must prevent the prototype and it's secrets from falling into the hands of the Allies at all costs.
War in the West Participation Megagame Makers WW2 Map Game This is an extract from the forthcoming Megagame of the invasion of France and the Low Countries in 1940
Carrier Ops Participation Mid Anglia Wargamers Sci-Fi - Space Combat based on the books by C.J. Cheryll called The Company Wars. Players will be asked to make decisions and determine combat outcomes
Battle of Northguard Demonstration Mitcham Marauders Fantasy 28mm Kahdor take on the Almighty Cygnar at the Battle of North Guard - Warmachine Rules
Zama 202BC Participation Muswell Militia & Friends Historical 28mm In 202BC, Hannibal and Scipio, two of the greatest generals in ancient history, fought an epic battle near Zama in Africa to determine whether Carthage would survive. The game uses the Command and Colors (Ancient) rules and will feature a cast of thousands…
The Punic Wars Demonstration Newark Irregulars Ancient 28mm Punic Wars Game set somewhere in Ancient Ital
Warlords of the Ancient World Demonstration Newbury & Reading Wargames Society Ancients 15mm A full scale battle set in the Early Ancients period c.2000 BC involving some public participation and loads of figures
Power & Glory - A Clash of Empires in the Austro-Prussian War Demonstration Newbury & Reading Wargames Society Historical 15mm A large scale reconstruction of a major action (Trautenau/Konnigratz) involving some public participation. An article to accompany this game will appear in the APRIL issue of Miniature Wargames
The Night Bringer Participation North London Wargames Group Fantasy/Sci Fi 28mm D & D meets Space Marines, up to 6 players running 3 or 4 times over the day.
Sengoko Jidai Demonstration Oshiro Modelterrain Historical 28mm A small siege of a fortified monastery typical of the age of Nobunaga.
Bloody Picnic in the Ardennes 1914 Demonstration Oxford Wargames Society WW1 10mm French and German Forces encounter each other in the Ardennes in August 1914 in some of the earliest battles of the Great War.
Battle of Tewkesbury 1471 Demonstration Perry Miniatures Historical 28mm The Lancastrian Army eventually turns to fight after evading the Yorkist Army. The victory secured the Crown for Edward IV
Details to come Demonstration Privateer Press - - -
Details to come Demonstration Privateer Press - - -
Details to come Demonstration Privateer Press - - -
Dark Age Participation PWGC -Artemis Black Post Apocalyptic 30mm Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi 30mm Skirmish Game - Participation, Refreshments and Miniatures
Knock! Knock! Participation R.A.F. Wargaming Association Modern Afghan 28mm Special Forces Operation to capture and extract a person of interest from their compound. Game will be a co-operation game between up to 4 players
A World Turned Upside Down Demonstration Realtime Wargames AWI 10mm Army Level rules for AWI with novel command and control system
Battle of Lake Okeechobee Demonstration Richard Gillingham 2nd US-Seminole War 40mm US Forces attempt to kill or capture a band of renegade Seminole Indians in claustrophobic Florida swamps in the late 1830's
Projekt X Participation Scarab Miniatures and Kallistra WW2 1/48th Help the Allies overcome the Evil Projekt X operation. Learn about where Fiction meets Fact in World War 2
Roborally Participation Scimitar Games Sci-Fi 54mm A 3D version of the boardgame Roborally
Raid of Le Vengeur Participation SFSFW Victorian Sci-Fi 1/1200th Inspired by George Griffith's 19th Century short story of French treachery and British innovation. Players can attempt to deal a crippling blow to Her Majesty's Royal Navy or Defend Pax Britannica against the devious French.
Details to come Demonstration Simple Miniatures - - -
First Battle of Chaeronea Participation Society of Ancients Ancient 28mm The Battle of Chaeronea 338 BC, fought near Chaeronea, in Boeotia, was the greatest victory of Philip II of Macedon. There, Philip (accompanied by allied contingents from Thessaly, Epirus, Aetolia, Northern Phocis and Epicnemidian Locrian) defeated the combined forces of Athens and Thebes and initiated Macedonian hegemony in Greece.
My Feet Hurt Mum! Demonstration South East Essex Military Society WW1 28mm Franco-Belgian forces attempt to halt the 'Orrible 'Un using 'Through Mud and Blood' Rules
Space Vixens from Mars Participation Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers Sci-Fi 28mm Pulp Sci-Fi in the 26th Century
To Boldly go where no Trek has gone before Participation South London Warlords Sci-Fi 1/1O An alliance of Star Trek Villains are attempting to crack the password protected computer to prevent the self-destruction of the Enterprise with the valiant Crew attempting to regain control.
Meuse or Bust! Demonstration South London Warlords World War 2 20mm 20mm WWII Demonstration game based on the Battle of the Bulge and the need to reach objectives.
Tank Game Participation South London Warlords 20th Century Huge Come along an drive a radio controlled tank around!
SphereWars Participation SphereWars Fantasy 28mm As on many other occasions, the four Gods had created a new battlefield on which to settle their differences which as gods they were unable to resolve.This time, the sphere of Saphir, was the chosen one. Nevertheless, for the first time, the fifth god, treated with contempt and mistreated by his captors, had broken the rules. Not only did he bring alive the creations of his brothers but he also created his race.
End of Empire Participation Spirit of the Game Victorian Adventure 28mm End of Empire is a very British Game of Gentlemen Adventurers thwarting the machinations of Evil Villains who aim to bring down the British Empire, and subsequently the civilisation as we know it.
Charge of the Light Brigade Participation Staines Wargamers Crimean War 15mm A fast paced cavalry charge in which the participants try to win the glory of the first squadron to reach the gun line. Overeagerness causes casualties however careful tactics pay off. Special Event cards from Tennyson's Poem bring the character of this game out.
Wargods of Aegyptus Participation Stoke Wargames Group Fantasy 28mm This is a battle for Aegyptus by the forces of the god
The Great Tanelorn Wrydstone Rush Demonstration Tanelorn Wargames Club Fantasy 28mm Warhammer Fantasy Battle with 6 players and 12,000 poiunts of painted models. We will be using a variant of the Legendary Battles rules published in White Dwarf April 2008. The battle will be fought on a 6' x 7' 6' table with 3 players on each side. Each side will have
Assault on Sacsayhuaman, 1536 Demonstration The Escape Committee Historical 28mm Depiction of the attack of Juan Pizarro against the besieging Inva's base of operations, the walled fortress dominating Cuzco, Susayhuaman. Includes a scale replica of the massive Inca Fortress.
Battle of Legnickie Pole 1241 Demonstration The Lance and Longbow Society Ancient/Medieval 28mm German/Poles v Mongols. Advancing to Wahlstatt near Liegnitz a Mongol Army encountered a vastly inferior Polish Army under Henry II of Silesia
Attack on Fort Sumter Participation The Naval Wargames Society ACW 1/600th Players take command of US Ironclads and have to overcome Confederate defences to attack the fort, at the same time as intercepting Confederate Blockade runners.
N/a Participation The Pike and Shot Society N/a N/a Society Information Stand
Tunnel Rats Participation Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Vietnam 28mm At the start of a scenario the players get a mission. This can be a simple recon or a demolition job or even a political assassination. You'll have to navigate your Tunnel rat through 4 increasingly difficult levels trying to complete your mission and above all, stay alive. Multiple booby traps, Viet Cong and NVA troops. The first level is above ground and complete with vehicles, a typical Vietnam village, villagers and US troops. The next three levels are the actual tunnels, each on a 2' square 3D board.
Narvik 1940 Demonstration Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society WW2 1/2400th A recreation of the destroyer battles in Narvikfjord in 1940
Details to come Demonstration Twilight Miniatures - - -
Tanks Demonstration UK Tank Club WW2 1/6th Club will be demonstrating their large scale remote control Tank
Miller's Crossing - The Road to New York Demonstration Uxbridge Wargamers AWI 25mm A large scale AWI battle, showing a fictional action during the British withdrawal from Philadelphia in June 1778
Details to come Demonstration Warlords Games - - -
WW2 Battle of Britain Aerial Raid 1940 - Isle of Wight Participation Wessex Wargamers - Winchester WW2 1:285th German Bomber raid on the Isle of Wight and Solent. Participants control the intercepting squadrons of Hurricanes and Spitfires.
Secrets of the Third Reich Participation West Wind Productions Alternate WW2 28mm -
Washington's Army Participation Weymouth Levellers AWI 15mm Gamette of the NEW Peter Pig AWI game called 'Washington's Army'
AvP...v H v B v ? Participation Whitehall Warlords Sci-Fi 28mm A Sci-Fi Boarding Action using modular scenery and a range of figures, so that each run through uses different enemies and a different layout. Players may play Humans, Aliens, Predators, Armoured Frogs etc..
Ride the Divine Wind Participation Whitstable & Herne Bay Wargames WW2 1/72nd Relive the spirit of the Kamikaze with the latest WW2 Epic from WHBW. Salute the Emperor and then take to your Zero fighter to try and destroy the enemy fleet.
The Kyushu Bay Incident Participation Wigan Wargames Sci-Fi 15mm Join Wigan Wargames as they teach you the new Critical Mass 15mm Company Level Sci-Fi game on the Ice Planet of Talkis where the Arc Fleet defends their Otilium refinery from an unexpected attack headed by agile Walkers and Shock Troops of the Protolene Kharnate across the frozen wastes of Kyushu Bay.
An Episode from the Siege of Nantwich 1644 Demonstration Wigmore Warriors ECW 28mm A recreation of part of the Nantwich defences and the assault by Royalists in January 1644

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