Traders for Salute 2011

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Traders please note that the Hall will be available for set-up on Friday from 13:00 to 16:30

Trader Name Web Site Description Stand
1st. Corps Miniatures   TH13
Alternative Armies Supplier of different ranges of 25mm figures TJ13
Ancient & Modern Army Supplies   TM04
Ancient Warfare Magazine See Website for details TM02
Antenociti's Workshop See website for details TH08
Artemis Black's We stock: Dark-Age Games IK Warmachine Dragonrune Shadowforge Spyglass Maidenhead Heresy Amera Scenery and Thrud Comics. More information at our website TC03
Artmaster Studio See website for details TB02
B.B Wargames New and Secondhand Board Wargames 1/72 & 1/76 Ready made A.F.V.s Plastic Resin or Metal. Renovations Conversions and scratch built models. Plastic Figures/kits all makes. Aircraft supplied with metal base and clear rod. TK07
Baccus 6mm Ltd Range of 6mm Ancients ECW Malburian Napoleonics Acw Fantasy Scenics TH07
Battlebuild   TE12
Battlefront Miniatures Battlefront is a New Zealand based group of companies that comprises of; Flames of War, Gale Force 9 and Wargames Illustrated magazine. At this years Salute we will be running four participation games (3 Flames of war, An open fire Demo game, Early War (Mokra) and a Vietnam table, and also Wargames Illustrated will have our Lone Pine WW1 Gallipoli Table.) We will be offering subscriptions to Wargames Illustrated, copies of the latest (hot off the press!) magazine and a wide range of FoW and GF9 products. Please come on over, say hello, play some games, and snap up some bargains. TF08
Big Battalions/Siam Painting Service Painting Service and Pre-painted miniatures TC18
Black Hat Miniatures "Specialising in producing high quality 18mm wargames figures. Our first range will be the Martian Empires Victorian SF range." TK19
Black Library See Website for details TD24
Black Scorpion Miniatures White metal miniatures for sci-fi fantasy and historical gamers painters collectors and role-players. Unless stated otherwise figures are designed and sculpted by Adam Clarke. TD01
BNS Miniatures See Website for details TD02
Brigade Models Aeronef Spaceships and other Sci-fi Vehicles Celtos 28mm Fantasy Belgian 28mm WWI TC14
Caliver Books See website for more information TH10
Casemate   TC08
Chessex Manufacturing Dice etc. TK04
Conquest Games See Website for details TA17
Coritani Miniatures   TA07
Critical Mass Games See website for details TA26
Crocodile Games Manufacturer of a range of Mythological Fantasy figures for the upcoming tabletop wargame War Gods of Aegyptus. TA18
Curteys Miniatures Our current ranges include Sung Dynasty Chinese 10th/13th Cent AD Mongol conquest 13th Cent AD The "Terracotta Army" of Chin (Qin) China 4th/2nd Cent BC and Early Han Chinese 3rd/1st Cent BC. We now also have a range of resin fortifications available soon to be followed by buildings ships and boats. TH13
Dark Realm Miniatures See website for details TJ23
Dave Thomas   Stockist of Perry Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, Crusader, Artizan,Great War, and Masquerade Miniatures. Plus tons of other products. TM08
Donnington Miniatures Makers of a large range of 15mm figures in various periods including Ancients ACW and Medieval. Suppliers of Veni vidi vici flags. More details below TM04
EM4 Miniatures See website for details TJ01
Empress Miniatures 28mm Figures for wargamers and collectors. Our first range will be the 1879 Zulu Wars and our aim is to cover the war in immense detail TA28
Essex Miniatures Very large range of 15mm figures covers many periods. This year Essex will be carrying Hovels resin buildings. TJ21
Fieldworks Resin cast 10-12-15-20mm Ruined Buildings with removalbe roofs and first floors this company can supply painted or unpainted products TB06
Fighting 15s Fighting 15s supplies 10mm 15mm 28mm and 40mm white metal wargames figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia including 15mm AB Figures. Fighting 15s is the sole supplier of 15mm Flags for AB and also stocks white metal miniatures from Aude Oddzial Osmy Shadowforge Miniatures and Scale Creep Miniatures TK19
Figures in Comfort Comfi Cases for your wargames figures. Carry cases padding every thing to protect the minis from damage etc. TF01
Force of Arms   TA16
Forgeworld Sci-fi accessories for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k etc. TG06
Freebooter Miniatures The range includes steampunk and science-fiction subjects as well as fantasy - chaos mercenaries vampires usw. TB14
Front Rank Figurines Very large range of 25mm Miniatures well sculpted. Periods include Seven Years War ECW Napoleonics etc. TC06
Gateshead Gaming & Collectables See website for details TB17
GB and SD Hobbies   TM01
Great Escape Games Publisher of the best selling WW2 skirmish game "Rules of Engagement" and seller of 28mm miniatures including painted armies! TA25
Gringo 40's See Website for details TE07
Gripping Beast Large range of 25mm figures. Romans Dark Ages Vikings Normans etc. TH05
Ground Zero Games Science fiction resin and white metal models - figures vehicles etc in Wide 25mm15mm & 6mm. Also starships for Full Thrust. This company cast some of the vehicles for the Warlord Hammers Slammers Game in years gone by. TJ15
Grubby tanks Wide selection of plastic kits & accessories Pre Painted Resin Vehicles Plus a nice range of 20 white metal figures including Russian Cossacks American paras Stocks Britannia models & figures,unpainted as well as painted,also of course Kelly's Heroes 20mm WWII,and Defence in Depth TB13
Harfields Military Figures See website for details TA02
Hasslefree Miniatures Fantasy and SF figures TA03
Heresy Miniatures very nice range of fantasy figures. TA05
Heroics & Ross Figures     TF02
Immortal Miniatures See website for details TH11
Instant Armies See website for details TJ19
Ironclad Miniatures   TA13
Jacques-Alexandre Gillois See Website for details TG04
Jason Salkey See Website for details TD05
JoeK Minis See Website for details TD02
Kallistra See website for details TM03
Ken Trotman Ltd Ken Trotman books is owned and run by Richard and Roz Brown. We specialise in books on all periods of military history and the history of weaponry. We sell our books entirely by mail order enjoying a good friendly relationship with customers world-wide. We are located in the beautiful university city of Cambridge and have been running this business since we bought it in 1984. Our lists cover not only new books but also second-hand and rare antiquarian volumes. On this web site you will find listings of new books (some of them announced but not yet published). If you want to see our second-hand stock you will need to email us for a catalogue. We will be delighted to handle any order you want to make and put the books in the post to you just as soon as we can. TK10
Kerr & King See website for details TK15
KR Multicase KR Multicase have the largest range of trays and cases for all scales and genres of wargaming. Choose from the core range of precut troop trays - the unique segmented pick&pluck range or the custom cut trays for specific models and armies. We have trays and cases to suit all budgets and army sizes. KR - soft foam to protect your miniatures - hard cases for the soft foam TM05
Leisure Games Board Wargames General Boardgames Miniatures Rules Role Playing Games and much more. TA15
Lesleys Bits Box New and second hand GW miniatures TK17
Maelstrom Games Ltd We are totally independent wargames hobby retailers, priding ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism and customer service! See Website for details TF09
Magister Militum Now including Chariot Miniatures Navigator Noble and GHQ. We specialise in 10mm for many periods TE10
Magnetic Displays Magnetic stuff to stick on the underneath of figures to keep them in the bottom of your tool box! TA07
Mantic Games See website for details TL10
Marquee Models Stockist of model kits wargames CCGs toys etc. TC15
Maximini See website for details TM07
Micro Art Studio Check website for more information TE01
Milicast Model Company   TD03
Miniature Wargames See website for details TJ02
Modelmates See Website for details TH03
Monarch Books and Miniatures See website for details TB19
Mongoose Publishing   TL09
Mutineer Miniatures See website for details TB10
Offensive Miniatures   TK06
Old Glory Corp We have the largest range of 25mm figures in the world!!!! "Simply the Finest" TK05
Oshiro Model Terrain See website for details TA10
Osprey Publishing Ltd Osprey Publishing is the worlds leading publisher of military history books. Our Men-at-Arms Warrior Elite and Campaign books are famed for their quality accuracy and unique visual approach combining specially commissioned artwork with text from leading military historians.We will have a selection of our best-selling and brand-new titles including the Battle Orders series books on display and for sale. TB15
Otherworld Miniatures See website for details TA08
Paul Meekins Books See website for more information TH01
Pendraken 10mm range of figures and scenery from ancients to Vietnam including fantasy and Sci-fi.
New 28mm Elizabethan range of figures.
Order in advance for individual packs.
Perry Miniatures See website for details TG12
Peter Pig Specialises in 15mm TL07
Privateer Press They make Warmachine and Hordes represented this year by their UK Distributor Cerberus Entertainment. In addition to our trade stand we will be running a number of games showcasing our figures. There will be demo games for the new player to try out either Warmachine or Hordes. In addition we will be running a themed participation game throughout the day so if you feel you have what it takes try your hand against our staff. Plenty of prizes to be won! TF05
Products for Wargamers Products For Wargamers is an independent company supplying affordable quality accessories direct to the wargamer. See website for more information TJ06
Progressive Engineering Solutions ltd. See Website for details TK01
Project Hougoumont. See Website for details TD04
Pulp Monsters See Website for details TM06
QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Range of 15mm vehicles including ww2 see LKM ltd TC12
Ragged Angel Ltd   TG09
Raiden Miniatures   TA01
Redoubt Enterprises Very large Range of 25mm figures & accessories good quality various poses TC19
Reiver Castings See website for details TJ24
Renedra Ltd Tooling & Plastic Injection moulding specialists. Showcasing their new line of plastic products for the wargame industry. TG13
Rumbling Guns Wargames Figure Painter TK20
Scheltrum Miniatures See website for details TC05
SHQ Very large Range of 20mm figures. TH06
Simple Miniature Games Simple Miniature Games are the UK distributor for Confrontation and Hybrid also distributing Warmachine Dark-Age and lots of other Wargames and accessories. There will be special offers and limited-edition figures available for everyone at Salute. The entire range will be there including deleted (and soon to be deleted) items. TG02
Skytrex Ltd A very large range of WW2 miniatures including vehicles ships & accessories TJ17
Slitherine Software/justplay See website for details TK03
Smart Max Corporation Ltd See website for details TJ09
Stafford Games Stafford Games carry the full range of Flames of War Vendel Miniatures Wings of War The Uncharted Seas and The Army Painter as well as a selection of other wargaming products. TL03
Steel Crown Production - 6mm sci-fi goodness TJ08
Steve Barber Models Resin Scenery and white metal figures. TH02
Studio McVey See website for details TG03
Taban Miniatures See website for details TJ11
Tablescape See website for details TF12
Terrain Warehouse UK Armies of Arcana. Wargaming Accessories and Terrain. TK08
Testudo   TA29
The Baggage Train     TK09
The Basement Forum See Website for details TG05
The Dice Shop See website for details TF11
The Last Valley   Range of good quality scratch built scenery and accessories TM01
Timecast Manufacturers of 6mm 10mm & 15mm buildings for a variety of periods and other terrain items. Stockists of trees Faller Marklin high quality German building kits. TK22
Titan Wargames     TA22
Trent Miniatures     TA20
Tritex Games We have ranges to support Role-Play & War-games such as Dungeons & Dragons Blood Bowl Star Wars Miniatures and accessories. TB23
Tumbling Dice   1/600 scale vapour trails 1/24 scale Age of Sail & Steam 20mm Historical Ranges TA14
Twilight Miniatures See website for details TB01
Urban Construct Manufacture of resin 25/28mm modular buildings, roads and sewers, etc… See website for details TA23
Veteran Miniatures     TJ19
Victrix Limited See website for details TL05
Warbases See website for details TH12
Wargames Emporium (GHQ) See website for details TK12
Wargames Tournaments See website for details TJ26
Warlord Games Warlord Games are a newly formed company which are making waves in the wargaming community with their release of multi-part 28mm hard plastic Imperial Romans. Supported by a range of metal models and plans for further plastic ranges they will be one to keep an eye on! In addition to their miniatures ranges they also have rules in the pipeline too - Games Workshops own Rick Priestley and Jervis Johnson have penned BLACKPOWDER covering the Horse & Musket period. So if you are looking for massed battles from Napoleonics to the Sudan or the American Rebellion to the Crimea this will be right up your street... TG14
Wayland Games See website for details TH09
Westwind Productions   TB08
Worley Publications & Books     TB24
Total Traders     129


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