Salute 2012 - Games prizes

We had over 100 games of various types at Salute 2012, and the sheer quality is enough to knock you out. Jim would like to thank each and every club who brought a game to the show this year. We do recognise how much time and effort you put into realising your ideas, and we are amazed by the quality on show each year.

Thank you.


Pictures of these games, and many more, can be found on our Facebook Album.

Best Demonstration Game: Maidstone Wargames Society for 'Operation Deadstick'.

Best Participation Game: Royal Air Force Wargaming Association for 'Blinking Smash and Grab Cakewalk'.

Best Painted Armies: GLC Games Club for 'Battle of Zallach [1086]'.

Best Scenery: Tin Soldiers of Antwerp for 'Bring me the head of Suzuki Akira'.

Most Impressive Troops: Essex Gamesters for 'Corunna'.

Most Comprehensively Created Game: Chemins de Feu for 'Slowing the Tide [Baltic 2nd April - 2nd May 2009]'.

Best Presented Game: Continental Wars Society for 'Swiss Civil War – Battle of Gislikon'.

Most Innovative Game: Frothers Unite! UK for 'Shadows Over Froth Street'.

Salute Challenger: Loughton Strike Force for 'Wagram'.




The Salute Challenge Shield: Essex Gamesters for 'Corunna'.




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