Salute 2014 Painting Competition


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BEST OF SHOW                

1st (041) Saurus Warrior – Steve Party


HISTORICAL                        1             

Historical Wargames Single figure: Infantry or Cavalry – Up to and including 54mm

1st (128) Figure looking at painting - Gus Kearns

2nd (308) WW1 Pilot - Stuart Willis


HISTORICAL                        2             

Historical Wargames unit Infantry or Cavalry - 6mm to and including 54mm: 3 to 40 figures

1st (184) Muslim Gulham Cavalry - Russell Rainford

2nd (309) WW2 DAK ZUG Platoon - Stuart Willis


HISTORICAL                        3             

Historical Wargames unit other - up to and including 54mm: up to 5 figures or models*

1st (310) DAK Vehicle Platoon - Stuart Willis

2nd (218) E-100 - Carsten Schwejda


SCIENCE FICTION             4             

Science Fiction Single Figure up to and including 54mm Scale

1st (105) Infamy Steam Punk Toad - Damien Pedley

2nd (066) Orlock Ganger - David Heathfield


SCIENCE FICTION             5             

Science Fiction Wargames unit: up to and including 40mm: 5 to 40 figures

1st(193) Aleph Squad – Jon Geraghty

2nd (055) Eden Convoy – Hedley Coppock


SCIENCE FICTION             6             

Science Fiction Creature or Vehicle - creature/vehicle can be any size: up to 3 items*

1st(068) Chee-Chee – David Soper

2nd(004) Imperial Knight – Adam Skinner


FANTASY                             7             

Fantasy Single Figure up to and including 54mm Scale

1st (041) Saurus Warrior – Steve Party

2nd(044) Dark Elf Sorceress - Mohand


FANTASY                             8             

Fantasy Wargames unit: up to and including 54mm: 3 to 40 figures

1st (053) Bushido Ito Clan - Hedley Coppock

2nd (073) Skeleton Regiment - Stefan Johnsson


FANTASY                             9             

Fantasy Creatures or Vehicles - creature/vehicle can be any size: up to 3 items*

1st (054) Varghar Wolfen - Hedley Coppock

2nd (072) Nurgle Toad Rider - Stefan Johnsson


LARGE SCALE                     10

Single figures and groups over 54mm up to 90mm. busts up to 165mm

1st (121) Guardian of the Labyrinth - Luke Wilson

2nd (117) Sapo Toad - John Keys


MISCELLANEOUS             11          

Miscellaneous Class - any figure or unit not covered by the above 10 classes. Including dioramas.

1st (0157) Flying Grot - John Harrison

2nd (060) Dread Fleet ships in bottle - James Taro


JUNIOR                                12          

Junior Class - any figure or unit covered by any of the above 10 classes painted and entered by a person up to and including 16 years old.

1st (318) Librarian Turmiel - Ben Kinchin

2nd (161) Grey Knight  - Jack Taberer 


SALUTE FIGURE:               13          

Painting the Salute Twenty Twelve Figure

Enter your painted version in this SPECIAL CATEGORY and the best one wins a trophy and Prizes

1st (067) Jason and the Golden Fleece - David Soper

2nd (144) Jason and 2 Skeletons - Mark Lifton


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