A full list of the 100 fantastic games featured at Salute this year. PDF download of the list below.

Table Number Game Organiser Description Game Type
GC03 A Few Brits and the Hobby WWII Battlegroup game in 20mm Demonstration
GH02 Ancient & Modern Army Supplies A battle of the Crusade period using Mortem et Gloriam rules in 15mm scale. Participation
GG16 Anvil Industry Ltd Dystopian Sci-fi wargame featuring fast-paced alternating activation, cinematic showdowns and high-quality miniatures Demonstration
GF18 Ardhammer 1937 - 2nd Sino-Japanese War Demonstration
GD05 Bad Squiddo Games Total Warfur! Guinea Pigs and Bunny Rabbits battle it out in a post-apocalyptic wasteland! Participation
GG12 Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club Complete challenges through different periods of history to master the timelines in this nostalgic game Participation
GL04 Continental Wars Society Battle of Pastrengo, in the first Italian War of Liberation in 1848 Demonstration
GA22 Crawley Wargames Club Can a motley band of Conquistadors escape from the jungles of El Dorado with their loot and their lives intact? Participation
GD02 Crewe & Nantwich Wargaming Club The decisive battle of the Williamite Wars in Ireland Demonstration
GD16 Crooked Dice Game Design Studio Come and rule the wastelands and enjoy games of both post-apocalyptic vehicle and skirmish combat Participation
GC09 Dalauppror  The last stand for the Swedes in Swedish Pomerania, as French landing to attack a fort outside Stralsund, using Rebels and Patriots rules Demonstration
GM12 Dark Sphere Gaming Club The warping of reality… Demonstration
GA10 DMB Games A new dungeon crawl board game that uses 3D scenery and miniatures. Participation
GH16 Eavier Metal 20 minutes to paint a miniature. All materials supplied. Contestants keep their miniature, but the winner of each round is awarded a prize. Participation
GF12 English Civil War Society Artillery Come join the artillery of the 17th Century  
GM08 Essex Warriors Wargames Club A participation game of auto duelling in the near future Participation
GA24 Fourth Quarter Miniatures A highly tactical miniatures game based on American Football Participation
GJ14 Freebooter Miniatures A participation game of Freebooter's Fate for getting into the rules Participation
GK13 Friends of General Haig The Battle of Lutzen between the Swedish and Imperialists in 28mm. Demonstration
GM14 Frothers A moaning band of experts, liberals and young people try to escape post-Brexit Britain Participation
GJ19 Funky Skull Games A New York gang find themselves in hostile territory and must escape to reach home Participation
GC01 Gamers in Thanet Society Pirate adventures Participation
GJ12 GCT Studios Demo of Bushido new rules version Demonstration
GC12 Gentlemen's Wargames Parlour A homage to HG Wells' post-apocalyptic novel Demonstration
GF10 Goblin King Games A wonderfully whimsical tabletop skirmish game  in a fairytale world with unique card mechanics Participation
GJ08 Gravesend Gamers Guild Late English Civil War skirmish game using Skirmish Wargaming rules Participation
GK20 Great Escape Games Dead Man's Hand, the fast and cinematic Old West shootout from Great Escape Games Participation
GL09 Gringo 40s 28mm Naval and combined land action with French Colonial troops and Allies against the Black flags Participation
GD11 Gripping Beast A participation game using Swordpoint rules Participation
GM10 Hornchurch Wargames Club WWII Demonstration game in 15mm using Battlegroup rules. Demonstration
GJ10 Jersey Privateers Gaming Club Old fashioned Sci-Fi spectacular as you take on the role of Flash Gordon in this novel approach to gaming. You only have 20 minutes to save the Earth! Participation
GL02 Lance & Longbow Society The Death of Henry V’s Younger Brother, Thomas Duke of Clarence in the campaign in Normandy after the battle of Agincourt in 1415,  where in a battle with French & Scottish force and was killed in a rash mounted charge, leading to a rare English defeat. Demonstration
GH12 Leicester Phat Cats In the post-apocalyptic mid-west cannibal mutants descend on a tribal settlement looking for dinner! Demonstration
GK09 Loughton Strike Force General d'Armee Napoleonic Demonstration
GL06 Maidstone Wargames Society The last dogfight between WWII aircraft during the 100-hour war, El Salvador v Honduras Participation
GG19 Mantic Games Can Hellboy and his companions crack the case before it all goes to ... hell? Participation
GF22 Marquee Models Participation games of Games Workshop's Shadespire Participation
GD22 Micro Art Studios Alternating activations heroic steampunk skirmish with cinematic action and a narrative scenario Participation
GJ01 Mierce Miniatures Take part in our Darklands participation game and learn how to play! Participation
GL08 Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare The warbands must vie to be the first to capture and return a witch's cat. Participation
GK14 Modiphius Entertainment Demonstration games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Demonstration
GH10 Naval Wargames Society 2065: mankind explores the oceans finding mysterious alien races and not all are entirely friendly. Participation
GF09 Newbury & Reading Wargames Society  A 28mm scale refight of the battle where the Romans first encountered elephants and a massive phalanx of pikemen!  Demonstration
GH20 Oathsworn Miniatures Anthropomorphic animal skirmish game Participation
GJ11 Old Guard 28mm Napoleonics using the Command and Colours rule set Demonstration
GA06 Oshiro Model Terrain 28mm Gothic horror, come track down a nameless dread... Participation
GH18 Osprey Publishing Post-apocalyptic car wars Demonstration
GJ03 Paranoid Miniatures Skirmish horror game Demonstration
GG18 Pendraken Miniatures A demonstration game of our Blitzkrieg Commander rules for WWII Demonstration
GK11 Peterborough Wargames Club A recreation of the US landing on Easy Red sector of Omaha Beach on D-Day Participation
GJ16 Plastic Soldier Company 10mm Cold War battles Demonstration
GL03 Rafael Fonseca & Friends A what if Seven Years War battle, where the  French and Allied forces attack the Prussians Demonstration
GM16 Random Platypus Forum A skirmish game of youth subcultures fighting in the streets Participation
    The Kings guard are transporting a pay chest, they've got it, you want it!  
GA04 Real Time Wargames 10mm actions on the North-West Frontier using figures by Pendraken Demonstration
GL05 Reverence Games Players work through a complex filled with nightmarish creatures to be the Last Living Soul Participation
GC05 Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Can you defend Stargate Command until the Stargate shuts down? Participation
GG09 Scimitar Wargames Group Jerusalem during the 6 Day War using the Fate of a Nation ruleset Demonstration
GC11 Shadow Warriors The Martians have arrived! Only the greatest pilots of WWI can stop them! Participation
GC13 Simple Miniature Games New game from Wyrd based in the same steampunk era as Malifaux Participation
GD14 Skirmish Wargames An Old West skirmish game set in space with the Magnificent Seven against space bandits Demonstration
GH04 Slow Death Games Wild In The Streets is a fast and furious skirmish game of youth subcultures fighting Participation
GF11 Society of Ancients Battle at the Harzhorn.   A 28mm,  3rd Century Roman v Germanic Tribes game (Circa 235AD) using Impetus 2 rules. Demonstration
GL07 Sons of Simon de Montfort A multiplayer small unit game on the fringes of the 40K universe Participation
GF16 South London Warlords 1 An epic battle between the two greatest empires of the ancient world: who will triumph? Demonstration
GG14 South London Warlords 2 Rise to the top and rule a underhive on a 40k world! Demonstration
GF15 South London Warlords 3 The Moon: 2039.  Play as US and Chinese forces in secret but deadly missions in the difficult, dusty, cratered terrain and in just one-sixth gravity.  But are there other forces in play...? Participation
GJ09 Southbourne Tabletop And Boardgamers US and German troops fought the SS to save Frenchmen Participation
GA08 Spectre Miniatures A modern warfare skirmish game using Spectre Operations rules Demonstration
GK05 Spirit of the Game  40mm Wild West multiplayer skirmish in set in Persistence,  Dakota Territory. Participation
GC15 Surprised Stare Games with Abbeywood Irregulars Operational/tactical  WW2 game using Mission Command rules Demonstration
GK21 Thors Hammer Gaming Club Witness the struggle for Gotham's streets as villains from Batman's Rogues gallery battle the Dark Knight Demonstration
GC10 Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Belgian revolutionaries against Dutch troops in the famous Warande Park 'battle'  in Brussels Participation
GA12 To the Strongest! The last Roman army in Britannia faces hordes of revolting Iceni: can Boudicca triumph? Participation
GK02 TooFatLardies German forces attempt to penetrate Dutch defences in 1940 using Chain of Command rules Participation
GL01 Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society 1940 aerial combat in the skies of Kent Demonstration
GJ06 Twilight Miniatures A multiplayer game set in the unique fantasy world of Anyaral Participation
GG10 University of Edinburgh and Supreme Littleness Designs Warfare within and around a thirteenth-century crusader tower-palace, based on medieval sources and scholarship Participation
GF20 WAB Revival Alexandrian Macedonians v Early Chinese using 28mm figures and WAB rules Demonstration
GM18 Wait, What? & Friends Turbo multiplayer deathmatch: frags, respawns, chainsaws, and quad damage Participation
GH06 War Banner An innovative 28mm skirmish game for the sharp of mind and bold of action Demonstration
GD09 Warbases Join D'artagnan and the Musketeers in 17th Century Paris and take on the Red Guard Participation
GF19 Wargamer Collection Calculator Gamers can help to prevent the 7th Cavalry under Custer from changing history! Participation
GF17 Wargamer Poland A battle between Ottoman Empire and Tsardom of Muscovy armies using Task Force level rules Participation
GD13 Wargames Association of Reading Your tribe is hungry and there is a herd of mammoths in the valley. You’ve taken your best hunters into the wilderness but other tribes have also heard the sound of the mammoths and then there are the sabre tooth tigers attracted by the smell of mammoth blood... Participation
GK07 Wargames Illustrated Can you and your group stop the brave Despatch Rider from getting the message through in the shortest time? Participation
GC17 Wargames Terrain Workshop Sci-Fi gladiatorial combat Participation
GD07 Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy & The Great Game The Great Game and WS&S refight the desperate action for Placenoit Participation
GA16 Warlord Games Come and try our new naval rules Participation
GD20 Warploque Miniatures Try out the new edition of ArcWorlde, the fantasy skirmish wargame Participation
GK18 Wartorn Games A  game of contemporary modern horror using Infernal rules Participation
GM06 West Wind Productions/Forged in Battle New 15mm Ancients Game from Forged in Battle Participation
GD18 Weymouth Levellers 1/450th pirate ships:  historical, not Hollywood. Participation
GF21 Whitehall Warlords A recreation of British operations in Helmand province in April 2009 Demonstration
GH08 Wigmore Warriors France 1944: the Allies storm a German-held bridge. Iron Cross Rules/20mm figures Participation
GC07 Wings of Glory Aerodrome Wings of Glory game:  WW1 Western Front in AM, WW2 Western Desert in PM Participation
GA19 Wordforge Games The 20mm scale post-apocalyptic vehicle battle game.
Do you have what it takes to survive the Devil’s Run?
 Race, Bash, Shoot, Smash, Kill, Crash,WIN!
GM04 Wyvern Wargames The Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1241 using Hordes and Hero's v2 rules Participation
GH14 4 Ground 1. The Legends Of Fabled Realms, 28mm skirmish warfare in the Fabled Realms
2. Blood on the Monongahela, 10mm mass battle in North America during World War 0
3. A Prussian Comes Calling, 10mm mass battle in Europe during World War 0

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