A huge part of what makes Salute a special event is the wide array of games that you can get involved in.

You will  find on this page a copy of the floor plan and a PDF list of the games below, with more details, including the game name, description and scale.  

Take a look at this amazing list of this years games.

We're sorry to have to announce that the Abbeywood Irregulars (game GM10) will be unable to attend Salute this year.  However, we welcome in their place Crawley Wargames Club, who will be bringing their game, "A Friday Night in Crawley".  This game is set in the Renaissance outside the walls of a picturesque Italian city with a fight between rival city states.

Club/Trader/Society Name Genre Table Number
1914-21 Society   GM07
4Ground Limited Fantasy GH07
4TK Gaming Science Fiction GH08
Abbey Wood Irregulars/SSG Wargames Historical GM10
Ad Hoc Games Group Historical GM05
Ancient and Modern/Donnington Miniatures Historical GJ18
Anvil Industry Science Fiction GH02
Ard Hamma Historical GL03
Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club Modern GH12
Blockbuster Games Science Fiction GJ08
Chelmsford Bunker Science Fiction GM03
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGS) Fantasy GK12
Chesterfield Realms of War Fantasy / Historical GJ03
City of Henfield Squadron, RAF Fighter Command Historical GK08
Continental Wars Society Historical GG09
Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club Historical GF14
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio Modern GD12
Dalauppror Historical GA12
Dark Sphere Gaming Club Science Fiction / Historical GC05
The Drowned Earth Science Fiction GF04
Eavier Metal   GF06
Essex Warriors Historical GC08
Freebooter Miniatures Fantasy GH14
G3 Gamers Science Fiction GD17
GCT Studios Limited Fantasy GK10
Gamers in Thanet Society Historical Fantasy GG12
Gaslands Science Fiction GF13
Gatehouse Wargames Historical GA20
Gentlemens Wargames Parlour (GWP3) Historical Fiction GA08
Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club Fantasy GM11
Gravesend Gamers Guild Science Fiction GL13
Gripping Beast Limited Historical GK15
Herts Volunteers Historical GD24
The Hornchurch Wargames Club Historical GC11
Hysterical Games Historical Fantasy GC16
Ilford Wargames Group Science Fiction GG07
Ironfist Publishing Historical GK06
Jersey Privateers Gaming Club Historical GH04
K-Kraft Miniatures Science Fiction GF16
Kampfgruppe Kegworth Historical GC10
The Lance and Longbow Society Historical GG13
League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists (LoGA) Historical GG04
Legion Wargames Club Horror GC18
Loughton Strike Force Historical GJ14
Little Wars Australia Historical GC09 & GG14
Maidstone Wargames Society Science Fiction GD14
Mantic Games Horror GA02
Marquee Models Boardgames GK18
Micro Art Studio Steampunk GD06
Mierce Miniatures Limited Fantasy GK22
Modiphius Entertainment Horror GC13
Modiphius Entertainment Historical GC13
The Naval Wagames Society Historical GD16
The Old Guard Historical GC07
Oshiro Modelterrain Historical GL19
Osprey Games Fantasy GJ04
Oxford Wargames Society Historical GF17
Pedion Modular Battlefields Historical GH16
Pendraken Miniatures Historical GH06
Pike and Shot Society Historical GD18 & GD20
Random Platypus and Hasslefree Miniatures Historical GM01
Real Time Wargames Historical GF07
Red Knight Wargames Science Fiction GJ16
Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Historical GJ12
Scarab Pals Historical GF18
School of History, University of Edinburgh Historical GL23
Scimitar Games Club Historical GH10
Second Thunder Fantasy GL10
Simon Miller and the Wargames Holiday Centre Historical GG08
Simple Miniature Games Steampunk / Comic Book GA06
Skirmish Wargames Historical GG10
The Society of Ancients Historical GA18
The Sons of Simon de Montford Historical Fantasy GL17
Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers Historical Fiction GG11
Spartan Games Various GK14
Studio Tomahawk / Wargames Foundry Historical GJ10
Taylor's Crew Historical GK20
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Historical GL26
Too Fat Lardies Historical GD04
Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society Historical GF15
Twilight Miniatures Fantasy GA16
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy (with the Brixham Berserkers) Historical GD22
Wargames Illustrated Modern GA14
Wargames Terrain Workshop Science Fiction GC03
Warlord Wargamers Historical GA10
Warploque Miniatures Fantasy GJ20
Wartorn Games Horror GL29
West Wind Productions/Forged in Battle Historical GM13
Weymouth Levelers Historical GD08
White Dragon Miniatures Science Fiction / Historical GD10
Whitehall Warlords Historical Fantasy GJ06
Wigmore Warriors Historical GG06
Wings of Glory Aerodrome UK Historical GL05
Wyre Forest Wargames Club Historical GG15
Wyvern Wargamers Historical GM15
South London Warlord Games    
Battle for Neustadt Historical Fiction GG05
The Brotherhood of Mars Science Fiction GF08


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