Salute 2017 

With 2016 firmly behind us its time to start the countdown to the Salute 2017 Painting competition. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your painting skills and is a great opportunity to see the wide spectrum of models that populate our hobby.

Last year was a resounding success and this year looks like it will only be better.

Each year the South London Warlords have been run the Painting competition at the Salute War gaming Trading show and we feel its attracted a higher and higher level of skill as the years have gone on.   Last year we improved the lighting in both cabinets and the judging table have been upgraded to full spectrum painting banks. This year will be no exception as entrants and  winners from Golden Demon , various Slayer Sword winners, Monte San Savino, Euromillitaire, The Fang, Hussar, and other esteemed contestants will be in attendance to compete as well as with the likes of you and me the average tabletop wargamer.  It’s a serious business but also a bit of fun for anyone at Salute to enter.

With this in mind we have introduced a couple of new things this year to push the competition to new heights.  There is a Best of Show Trophy which will be awarded to the winner and they also get to take away with a paid for flight and transfers to enter Chicago’s Coolminiornot in 2017, The top three overall winners of the Crystal Brush will each receive a cash prize of $10,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively. These are the most valuable awards in the miniature painting world today!

CoolMiniOrNot, along with its convention host, AdeptiCon, wants to make the Crystal Brush Competition a global arena for the world’s best miniature artists to display their talent.  We are happy to be a part of this growing global community.

AS if this wasn’t enough, we are reintroducing third place awards at Salute this year as sometimes the cut between finalist and second place is a painful judging decision and we have listened to our previous years feedback to amend this.  Judging criteria has also been reviewed and refined, and we as always maintain an objective as possible decision making team of 8 judges to oversee the very subjective nature of an art competition across various scales and styles.

Best of Show Trophy:




On this page you can download the catagories PDF which will give you guidance on entering your models. You will also find the entry form. Using this will save you time on the day and free you up to enjoy the show.

We Look forward to  your amazing work and good luck..


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