A full list of the traders at Salute 2020

Salute 2020 Postponed

It is with deep regret that we must announce that Salute 2020, due to be hosted by the South London Warlords wargames club at London Excel on Saturday 18th April 2020, is being postponed.    

The Club committee has taken this decision following the recent change in Government advice and with the likely ongoing uncertainty in mind.   We understand that this will impact on many people, and therefore, as you can imagine, this decision has not been taken lightly or easily: we have balanced all the great things about Salute with the health risks to traders, gamers and attendees.
Salute will now take place on Saturday 17th April 2021.

We are in the process of contacting affected traders and gamers directly to discuss next steps.   

All tickets bought so far will remain valid and we will reopen ticket sales nearer the time. 

The South London Warlords remain committed to Salute, having hosted the show for over 45 years. With the support of our traders and attendees, Salute has become the biggest one-day independent wargame show in Europe and an important event within the wargamer's calendar: we are working hard to ensure in continues as such.

Most importantly we hope all you and yours remain safe in these challenging times. 
South London Warlords




Downloadable PDF of all traders

Downloadable Floor Plan pdf


Name Web Stand 20
1st Corps/Curteys Miniatures www.1srcorps.co.uk TD08
4Ground Limited www.4ground.co.uk TH07
ABC brushes www.abcbrushes.com TS03
Accent UK Comics www.momentofadventure.blogspot.com/ TE05
Agema Miniatures www.agemaminiatures.co.uk TS18
All Rolled Up www.allrolledup.co.uk TN17
Anarchy Models www.anarchymodels.co.uk TJ11
Ancient & Modern/Donnington Miniatures www.ancient-modern.co.uk TH01
Anvil Industry Ltd www.anvilindustry.co.uk TH09
Archon Studio www.archon-studio.com TK16
Art of War Shirts www.ARTofWARshirts.co.uk TK03
Art of War Studios www.artofwarstudios.co.uk TA24
Asmodee   TD12
Atlantis Miniatures www.atlantisminiatures.com TD19
Baccus 6mm www.baccus6mm.com TB08
Bachmann Europe (Woodland Scenics) www.bachmann.co.uk TN13
Bad Squiddo Games www.badsquiddogames.com TM17
Bandua Wargames www.banduawargames.com TN11
Barwell Body Works www.barwellbodyworks.com TK06
Battle Foam    TB10
Battlefront Miniatures www.flamesofwar.com TK09
Battle Systems Ltd www.battlesystems.co.uk TS01
Battlezone Miniatures www.battlezone-miniatures.co.uk TN21
Bears Head Miniatures Bearsheadminis.com TS04
Bicorne Miniatures www.bicorne.net TH03
Black Scorpion Miniatures www.blackscorpionminiatures.com TS06
Blotz www.blotz.co.uk TS14
Brigade Models Ltd www.brigademodels.co.uk TE14
Brushes 4 Models   TS19
Caliver Books www.caliverbooks.com TD02
Colonel Bills www.colonelbills.com TD06
Crann Tara Miniatures www.cranntaraminiatures.co.uk TS11
Creature Caster www.creaturecaster.store/ TC16
Crocodile Games www.crocodilegames.com TN23
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio www.crooked-dice.co.uk TD17
The Cultural Experience www.theculturalexperience.com TN02
Dark Sphere www.darksphere.co.uk TM13
David Lanchester's Military Books   TA25
Debris of War www.debrisofwar.com TS07
Deep-Cut Studio www.deepcutstudio.com TF01
DMB Games www.dmbgames.co.uk TA11
Eagle Figures www.eaglefigures.co.uk TJ02
Element games www.elementgames.co.uk TB05
Elite Wargames and Models / Sgts Mess www.elitewargamesandmodels.com TS23
Empress Miniatures www.empressminatures.com TE03
Essex Miniatures
www.essexminiatures.co.uk TN15
Eureka Miniatures www.eurekamin.com.au TK14
Exit 23 Games https://exit23.games TA02
Fenris Games www.fenrisgames.com TS21
Flag Dude   TN07
Footsore Miniatures and Games Ltd www.footsoreminiatures.co.uk TN20
Full Metal Miniatures www.fullmetalminiatures.com TN10
Games & Gears LLP www.gamesandgears.co.uk TE12
Gaming Solutions sp www.TMSminiatures.com TD04
GCT Studios www.gctstudios.com TJ07
Geek Villain Limited www.geekvillain.co.uk TM14
Goblin King Games www.moonstonethegame.com TA21
Goya Games www.goyagames.co.uk TS22
Great Art www.greatart.co.uk TN05
Great Escape Games www.greatescapegames.co.uk TJ05
Gringo 40's
www.gringo40's.com TS17
Gripping Beast Ltd www.grippingbeast.com TD10
Ground Zero Games www.gzg.com TH13
Grubby Tanks / Britannia Miniatures / Redoubt Enterprises grubbytanks.com TK02
Hasslefree / Artemis Blacks / Red Box games www.hfminis.co.uk TM19
Helion and Company Publishing www.helion.co.uk TH04
Heroes of the Dark Age www.heroesofthedarkage.co.uk TE08
Heroics and Ros Ltd www.heroicsandros.cu.uk TA08
Hitech Miniatures www.hitechminiatures.com TN18
Instant Armies   TN16
Iron Gate Scenery www.irongatescenery.co.uk TM15
Kallistra www.kallistra.co.uk TM06
Ken Trotman Ltd www.kentrotman.com TS10
Kraken Wargames www.krakenwargames.com TA04
KR Multicase www.krmulticase.co.uk TB06
Last Man Last Bullet www.lastmanlastbullet.co.uk TN19
The Last Valley andrewworsley@yahoo.com TM01
Leisure Games www.leisuregames.com TM08
Lesleys Bits Box www.lesleysbitsbox.co.uk TC07
Loke Battlemats www.battlemats.co.uk TS16
MadKnight Miniatures   TN22
Mag Bellum www.heresyofus.com TF05
Magister Militum www.magistermilitum.com TF06
Magnetic Displays/Coritani www.magneticdisplays.co.uk TS08
Mantic Games www.manticgames.com TF04
Marquee Models www.mmodels.co.uk TM02
Master Crafted Miniatures www.mastercrafted.co.uk TD03
Micro Art Studio www.microartstudio.com TD21
Mierce Miniatures Ltd www.mierce-miniatures.com TL05
Mighty Lancer Games www.mightylancergames.co.uk TN06
Mili-Art   TS24
Miniature Wargames Magazine / Warner Group Publications www.tabletopgaming.co.uk TA14
Model Display Products www.modeldisplayproducts.co.uk TK18
Modiphius Entertainment Ltd www.modiphius.com TL12
No More Damsels nomoredamselsrpg.org TN24
Northumbrian Tin soldier www.northumbriantinsoldier.co.uk  TC02
Oakbound Studio www.oakbound.co.uk TM05
Oathsworn Miniatures www.oathsworn.net TK07
Offensive Miniatures www.offensiveminiatures.com TN04
Old Glory UK www.oldgloryuk.com TB01
Oshiro Model Terrain www.oshiromodelterrain.co.uk TB04
Osprey Games www.ospreypublishing.com TJ13
Pandyman Entertainment   TS02
Paul Meekins Books www.paulmeekins.co.uk TS12
Pendraken  Miniatures/ Minibits www.pendraken.co.uk TH11
Perry Miniatures www.perry-miniatures.com TE04
Perry Metals - Dave Thomas dave.thomas103@ntlworld.com TS13
Peter Pig www.peterpig.co.uk TD15
Pig Iron Productions www.pig-iron-productions.com TB03
Playmats EU www.playmats.eu TE01
Products For Wargamers www.productsforwargamers.co.uk TM11
Pworks Wargames SRLS www.pworkwargames.com TE09
Red Eagle Miniatures www.redeagleminiatures.co.uk TN07
Reiver Castings / Northumbrian Painting Services www.paintinghistory.co.uk TN01
Renedra Ltd www.renedra.co.uk TE06
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity www.helpforheroes.org.uk TN12
Rubicon Models www.rubiconmodels.com TF11
Sally 4th www.sally4th.co.uk TF02
Sarissa Precision www.sarissa-precision.co.uk TF13
SHQ Miniatures   TS15
Siege Studios www.siegestudios.co.uk TA13
Simple Miniature Games www.simpleminaturegames.co.uk TC14
SK Miniatures www.skminiatures.co.uk TF03
Spectre Miniatures www.spectreminiatures.com TA10
Sphere Products Ltd www.sphereproducts.co.uk TC06
Studio Miniatures www.studiominiatures.com TE02
Tablescape www.tablescape.co.uk TN14
Table Top Tyrant www.tabletoptyrant.co.uk TA20
TGCM www.tgcmcreations.com TE13
The Dice Shop Online (Squashgoblin Ltd) www.thediceshoponline.com TB09
The Extraordinary Laser Company www.thexlc.co.uk TH02
The Plastic Soldier Company www.theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk TL14
The Scene www.thesceneuk.com TN09
The Square www.thesquare-wargames.co.uk TA23
TimeCast www.timecastmodels.co.uk TA01
Titan Wargames  www.titanwargames.com TB02
Too Fat Lardies www.toofatlardies.co.uk TJ03
Trent Miniatures   TL01
Tritex Games Ltd www.tritex-games.co.uk TE11
TT Combat / Troll Trader www.thetrolltrader.co.uk TK12
Tumbling Dice www.tumblingdiceuk.com TM10
Twilight Miniatures www.worldoftwilight.com TK04
Uncertain Scenery www.uncertainscenery.com TS09
Urban Construct www.urbanconstruct.co.uk TS05
Victrix Limited www.victrixlimited.com TC04
Warbases www.warbases.co.uk TE07
Warfactory.pl www.warfactory.eu TA06
Warfare miniatures www.leagueofauugsburg.com TN08
Wargamer PL www.wargamer.pl TL07
Wargames Foundry www.wargamesfoundry.com TH06
Wargames Illustrated www.wargamesillustrated.net TL03
Warlord Games www.warlordgames.com TB07
Warmonger Miniatures Ltd www.warmongerminiatures.com TH05
Warploque Miniatures www.warploqueminiatures.com TN03
War World Ltd www.warworldgaming.com TD23
Wayland Games www.waylandgames.co.uk TF07
West Wind Productions & Forged in Battle www.westwindproductions.co.uk TM03
Word Forge Games www.wordforgegames.com TA18
Zinge Industries www.zinge.co.uk TA16

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