Salute 2020 Postponed

It is with deep regret that we must announce that Salute 2020, due to be hosted by the South London Warlords wargames club at London Excel on Saturday 18th April 2020, is being postponed.    

The Club committee has taken this decision following the recent change in Government advice and with the likely ongoing uncertainty in mind.   We understand that this will impact on many people, and therefore, as you can imagine, this decision has not been taken lightly or easily: we have balanced all the great things about Salute with the health risks to traders, gamers and attendees.

Salute will now take place on Saturday 10th April 2021.

We are in the process of contacting affected traders and gamers directly to discuss next steps.   

All tickets bought so far will remain valid and we will reopen ticket sales nearer the time. 

The South London Warlords remain committed to Salute, having hosted the show for over 45 years. With the support of our traders and attendees, Salute has become the biggest one-day independent wargame show in Europe and an important event within the wargamer's calendar: we are working hard to ensure in continues as such.

Most importantly we hope all you and yours remain safe in these challenging times. 

South London Warlords

Salute 2020

With Salute 2019 firmly behind us its time to start the countdown to the Salute 2020 Painting competition. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your painting skills and is a great opportunity to see the wide spectrum of models that populate our hobby.

Last year was a resounding success and this year looks like it will only be better.

Each year the South London Warlords have been run the Painting competition at the Salute War gaming Trading show and we feel its attracted a higher and higher level of skill as the years have gone on. While this is a serious competition we should not forget this is also a bit of fun for anyone at Salute to enter.

So we encourage all of you to grab your favourite mini, get to painting and share them with the rest of the Salute crowd.

On this page, you can download the categories PDF which will give you guidance on entering your models. 

You can also download the entry form - please try to complete this in advance and bring it with you, to speed up entry on the day.

We look forward to your amazing work and good luck..

Painting Competition Categories

1. Historical Wargames Single figure: Infantry or Cavalry – Up to and including 54mm

2. Historical Wargames unit Infantry or Cavalry - 6mm to and including 54mm: 3 to 40 figures

3. Historical Wargames unit other - up to and including 54mm: up to 5 figures or models

4. Science Fiction Single Figure up to and including 54mm Scale

5. Science Fiction Wargames unit: up to and including 40mm: 5 to 40 figures

6. Science Fiction Creature or Vehicle - creature/vehicle can be any size: up to 3 items*

7. Fantasy Single Figure up to and including 54mm Scale

8. Fantasy Wargames unit: up to and including 54mm: 3 to 40 figures

9. Fantasy Creatures or Vehicles - creature/vehicle can be any size: up to 3 items*

10. Large Scale. Fantasy Single figures and groups over 54mm up to 90mm, busts up to 165mm

11. Miscellaneous Class - any figure or unit not covered by the above 10 classes. Including dioramas.

12. Junior Class - any figure or unit covered by any of the above 10 classes painted and entered by a person up to and including 16 years old.

13. Painting a past Salute Figure

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