Babylon Thrust

by John Treadaway

The Babylon Project was a set of role playing rules for use - as the name suggests - with a Babylon 5 background.

When the people writing the rule set wanted some space ship rules they called upon Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games fame to adapt his already sucessful Full Thrust game to the Babylon 5 universe

This he did, and the rule book contained a set of Full Thrust style B5 ships and rules.

A while ago a bunch of us tried various other people's sets of rules (Agents of Gaming etc) and we thought that the systems were mostly pants... way too complex for our meagre brains!

Well, we came across the Full Thrust variant of Bab 5 - The Babylon Project - but didn't like the non-hex based movement, and some other stuff. So we started to fiddle...

This is the result: Warlords designed ships for Babylon Thrust!

Use the menu bar below to download redrawn ship sheets as gifs or - for those who like neat drawing programmes (and have a copy of the typeface Compacta BT) the original Xara files are available.


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