South London Warlords Salute 2015 Game

For our game we are staying with our favoured scale of 20mm using predominantly plastic figures. There are figures available specifically for the Wars of Liberation in 15mm and 28mm (see below) but we started gaming these wars before these were available.

The advantage of 20mm is that we are able to convert existing figures in to the wonderful array of unusual units that these wars require. Who is going to commercially produce a set of armed South American peasants in plastic? So we have had our scalpels, green stuff and foil out to adapt what is available. The peasant infantry are predominantly ACW Rebel infantry with some Spanish Peninsula Guerilla figures mixed in. The Sin Nombre unit in the Patriot army had, according to history, their muskets taken away by Bolivar and replaced with lances! So the Imex Mexican Infantry from their Alamo range have been brought forward in history and, with a little adaption, now serve further south. The Llaneros cavalry on both sides also proved a challenge. There are some metal Garracheros from Falcata Miniatures as well as some Zvezda Numdian Ancient cavalry that have seen a blade, green stuff and foil.  This is one of the reasons we like the period, it takes us back to our days of converting Airfix figures when nothing else was available – and yes there are Airfix figures on the table!

We continue to use our tried and tested method of washing the plastic figures in washing up water, then drying them. Any conversions are done at this point. The joins are secured with cut down pins and secured with a blob of super glue. The figures are then given a watered down coat of PVA (with a drop of acrylic paint to darken it and provide shade) before being painted. Then a coat of gloss varnish is applied before a coat of matt, although we also apply another watered down coat of PVA as an alternative. This gives a firmer figure and prevents the paint flake/plastic bend that puts many people off plastic figures.

As I said at the start the Wars of Liberation are gaining in popularity as a period and there are now several ranges available from Grenadier Productions, Parkfield Miniatures and Orinoco Miniatures. You can, of course, use many Napoleonic figures for the period if yiu choose from your favoured manufacturer. If you want to go down the plastic figure route, and you’re non a plasticphobic gamer, then we recommend Harfields as a very good source of figures and a regular review of plasticsoldierreview website is essential.See the links below.

For information on the period we can do no more than point you in the direction of Grenadier Productions, run by John Fletcher in the US, who have produced a range of incredibly useful books on the various theatres of the Wars and the actions of the British Legion (yes the Brits were involved as well!) . John has been extremely supportive and helpful in our research and gaming of the period and promises a new supplement on Bolivars Wars in the North. His 15mm range is probably the widest range of figures available at present.

Yes the Wars of Liberation are different, Yes 20mm plastic is not one of the “vogue” wargaming ideas, but that gives it its appeal. Please have a look at the period, and the game and talk to us if you want to find out more.


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