The Game


Our game is set around a British camp with the Zulu players in a crescent opposite, the Zulu achieves victory points by destroying the British and Colonial forces and in turn taking the camp and the British gain victory by surviving and destroying Zulu forces. See the first bit is easy, next comes the hard part.


Each Zulu player controls an Impi of four bases and from the deck he is dealt two cards of  which  one can be used to order his Impi. The card he has chosen is the order and is placed face up in front of his Impi. Next the Imperial force receive one card each unit, face up in front of each unit.


Next is the random event card which is announced as it may effect one or more of the units or either side on table or off table.


The order on the card is then carried out in a strict order of firing, movement, melee and morale from melee outcome (Imperial force only as the Zulus would by now have bloodlust).

Firing. The British Fire with a number of cards per rank from the deck and the Zulus respond with a card from the deck. Difference between cards are the casualties inflicted on the Target. Colonial firing is one card and half casualties from NNC firing.


Movement. Zulus use shields and half shields (9” and 4”respectively) , British and Colonials use ammo box piles Forward or backward (6” and 3” respectively)..

Melee. Each Zulu unit in base contact draws two cards from the deck and adds the number of figures left in the unit. The Imperials draw one unless they are Cavalry or defending an obstacle. Difference between the cards are the casualties inflicted on the unit with the lower score. Zulus use best result if multiple units in base to base with Imperials. Units that lose melee move back one base depth., pushing back any units to their rear. 


Morale. None required for Zulu units. British test after 50% casualties. Colonial will run after melee even if they win!

We have added cavalry, lancers and artillery just to cover all options. The rules would work for most colonial period with a little modification here and there, but the mechanics would be the same. 

The rules will be available at Salute and all proceeds will be going to charity.


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