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South London Warlords Committee






Bernie Farell

Figurehead of the club


Bernie Farell

Chairs committee meetings


Chris Barrass

Club Finances


Peter Fisher

Handles club correspondence and committee meeting minutes

Membership Secretary

Karl Vicary-Rivett 

Manages Membership, subs etc.

Public Relations and Marketing Officer

Matt Still

Public relations for the club and open day, plus press contact, design, and layout of advertising material

Assistant Public Relations and Marketing Officer

Matt Still

Assists the Public Relations and Marketing Officer

Co-ordinator, Open Days

Mac Cross

 Warlords open days

Assistant Co-ordinator, Open Days

Phil Andrews

Assistant to the open day Co-ordinator

Internal Publications Officer

Sarwat Chadda

Produces Command Post, the in-house Magazine and the online web publishing for the members

Web Manager

Billy Bloom

Manages website and other internet related activity

Social Secretary

Tony Concagh

organizes social events for Warlords members

Displays Officer

Ascander Suarez

Coordinates Warlords games at other shows

Games Organiser

Iain Fuller

Coordinates open invite games at the club, club scenery etc

New Media Officer 

Billy Bloom

Uses new media, social networking, forums and blogging to publicise the club

Salute Painting Competition Organiser

Jonny Fenton

Organises the Salute Painting Competition


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