Mugs, Badges and Figures Produced by The South London Warlords

The South London Warlords have been running their club open day, Salute, since 1972 where it was held at the Surrey Tavern, to where it is held now, The Excel Exhibition Centre in docklands. Today is our 43rd. show and during this time, the Warlords have produced a vast amount of memorabilia ranging from the entry badge, which many people collect, to the pewter figure, first produced in 2003 when Salute was at Olympia in central London.

My aim here is to show you the just some of the items we have produced.

My first contact with the South London Warlords was back in the summer of 1995 when I was out shopping with my wife in Sutton. I met an old school friend who persuaded me to come along to his model gaming club, which was then at an address off Peckham Rye in south London and they met on a Monday evening.

Well that was nearly twenty years ago and in that time I have collected many mugs, badges, and figures produced by the South London Warlords.

There is no written record of what has been produced, so this is an attempt to show people what we have produced over the years. I hope that I will show you an example of all the figures and the mugs that have been produced, but unfortunately, the badges are a different matter. In those early years, the badges were just discarded.

Starting with the first collectable free figure, which we gave away in 2003, we have the following.

2003 - Richard the Lionheart, sculptured by Mark Copplestone.

2004 – Hannibal Barca, sculpted by Mark Sims

2005 – Saint George and the dragon, sculpted by Mark Copplestone

2006 – Arthur and Mordred, sculptured by Mark Copplestone

2007 – Glorfindel & the Lord of the Nazgul, sculptured by Chris Tubb

2008 – Goblin chieftain on wolf, sculpted by Chris Tubb

2009 - Zulu Warrior and British Rifleman in combat, sculpted by Adam Clarke

2010 – Robot and space woman with ray gun, sculpted by Adam Clarke

2011 – Union / Confederate mounted officer, sculpted by Alan Perry

2012 – Mayan warrior chieftain, 40th anniversary figure, sculpted by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois

2013 – Jason and the Argonauts, in plastic, sculpted by Steve May, our first plastic figure.

2014 – Commander Maud and his dog Winston, sculpted by Michael Perry

2015 – English long bowman from Agincourt, sculpted by Alan & Michael Perry

Our first china mugs were given away to the to clubs that put on a game at Salute in 1995, as a thank you gift, we did two colours that year, green with a outline of a red huey helicopter and black with gold “95” and the words “You’ve Landed”.

This started a trend as the following year, our 25th. Salute, we gave away three different coloured mugs, blue with “I ran a game at the twenty fifth Salute”, a grey mug with “The 25th. Salute” in gold, and a black mug with “I gave my all at the 25th.Salute.” These early mugs are very hard to find now, especially the 95 green and the 96 grey.

In 1997 saw us produce two coloured mugs, especially for the painting competition and games, with the motif, “I went in with the cavalry at Salute 97”, in yellow and the same in black with light blue wording.

For the 1998 Salute the club reverted to a single china mug, black with a roman centurion and shield in orange with the words “ I came, I saw, I conquered, I went home tired” After giving the mugs to people who put on games the surplus was sold to members of the public. This was to start a trend, which has followed on to all other shows, as they proved very popular.

For 1999 the club produced a very striking red mug with an outline of a king tiger with “Make mine a ninety nine” This was our last Salute at Kensington town hall because for the year 2000 we saw a dramatic change of venue to Olympia II.

For Olympia 2000, the club produced a black mug with“Salute Olympia 2000” with ancient trooper’s helmet in violet.  2001 saw a plain black bug with Salute 2001 embossed in white. Salute 2002 saw us produce a yellow mug with text in light blue.

From 2003, the warlords decided to produce a 28mm figure for the first time and for the mug we followed the theme onto the mug. This saw a white mug, with the outline of King Richard and the words”Coeur De Lion”

In 2004, our mug was black with the outline of a gold coin with the face of Hannibal with “either find a way or make one”.

And so it goes on, for 2005 saw a white mug with a Norman type shield with red cross and the inscription “Follow your spirit and upon this charge cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George’ on the reverse was Salute Zero Five.  2006, saw a black mug with a silver Arthurian face and on the reverse Salute Zero Six.

For 2007 the South London Warlords produced a black mug with a silhouette in red of the Lord of Nazgul with the inscription ‘ They are coming’. In 2008 we produced a white mug with the outline of the wolf face, with the quote of ‘The wolfs at the door’

In 2009 we had a change of direction in the type of mug produced. We moved to a larger mug, a stein. The mug is white with the quote, from the film Zulu, ‘Zulus to the southeast, thousands of them’ For the artwork we had the Salute zero nine with the ‘A’ in Salute showing a Zulu shield.  In 2010 we produced our first science fiction figure and we followed the theme with a black mug with a space ship with a green light beam transporting a human figure up to the space ship with a bar code either side of the 2010.

For 2011, we used a white stein with union and confederate flags either side of cavalry sabre. The quote for this mug was by Abraham Lincoln, ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’.

As 2012 was the South London Warlords 40th. Anniversary the red mug produced depicted Salute 2012 in black flanked either side by the outline of the Mayan chieftain and the 40th. Anniversary shield on the other. In 2013, we reverted to a black stein, which depicted figures from ancient Greece with the words Jason and the Argonauts below the figures ‘Pray to the gods salute 2013.

2014 saw the club stay with a white stein with the theme of a D-Day figure and on the mug; we depicted a spitfire with the words D-Day Salute 2014.

The South London Warlords have given every paying customer an entrance badge and the earliest one I can find is an example from 1986. To be honest a badge would have just been discarded after use and now for the collector, any badge prior to 1995 have become extremely hard to find.

We have over the years produced badges for exhibitors and I have tried to show an example of every badge produced since 1995 along with the mug, which we gave away. I have also shown examples of dice the Warlords have given away, extreme, D6, D8 and D10. In the same photograph can be seen a drawstring bag, for our 2010 show, examples of Q buster tickets and a pen. We try to cater for everyone’s needs and this year we have produced a 2 meter folding plastic ruler, metric on one side and imperial on the other.

This is not the full picture however, I am sure there are items out there that I have missed, and if I have, then I would appreciate a photograph for the South London Warlords archive.

I must thank the following people who have assisted me with examples of mugs, and figures, Paul Davies, Paul Williams, Kevin Dallimore, Phil Portway, Dave Barnes and James Clarke, not forgetting me, Stephen Dunn



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