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The South London Warlords is a Wargames Club. This means that we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a military, historical or conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on fantasy situations. We play them in various different ways. Click here to find out more about this topic if you know nothing about Wargaming.

The Warlords cater for all sorts: both traditional wargaming and also the broader horizons of today's hobby.  As with any Club, tastes and fashions change from year to year, depending on what figures are available, what films have recently been released and what books and TV shows are currently in vogue.

The membership annually elects a committee, which organises the various events of the Club.  This includes our bimonthly newsletter Command Post (which is supplemented by the online articles section), club outings, social events and this web site.  The club has a long tradition of presenting high quality participation and demonstration games at various shows.

These have included notable games such as

  • Maipo 
  • The Fords of Isen 
  • Caught in the Crossfire (Hammers Slammers)
  • Amon Sul - One Ring to rule them all
  • Broken Heads and Broken Swords
  • A Day of Infamy
  • Cloudships of Mars
  • Stingray
  • UFO
  • Low Level Hell 
  • Custer
  • Hold Until Relieved 
  • Bugs!
  • Rolling Hot (Hammers Slammers) 
  • Sink the Tirpitz (The Hunt for the Lonely Queen)
  • Star Wars Death Trench Attack
  • Bastogne 
  • Glory 
  • Death of an Admiral 
  • War of the Daleks
  • Urban Chaos 
  • Orkimus Maximus
  • Star Wars Epic Duelling
  • Back of Beyond 
  • 3D Star Trek

If you have attended other club's opendays such as Colours, Sheffield Triples, Hammerhead, or SELWG in the last year or so, then you will undoubtedly have come across the Warlords Display Team in action. 

The current range of activities covers table top figure games in many periods - both Historical and Non-historical - such as Ancients, Vietnam War, Napoleonics, Colonial, ACW, WW2, Fantasy (Warmachine, Warhammer etc), SF (Silent Death, Full Thrust & Warhammer 40K).

The Warlords run Salute - the biggest and most prestigious wargames show in the UK.

The Club meets every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, with extended Saturday sessions around eight times a year.  On the last Monday of each month the Club usually puts on a large participation game, an ideal opportunity for new members to join in and for established members to try something new. Click here to see shots of typical club night games.

If you think you might be interested in joining the Club, why not come along and visit us one Monday evening - perhaps the last Monday of the month ?

There is no obligation to join, but you will be made welcome.

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