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Horus Heresy Game set in the Schism of Mars
Brotherhood of Mars
Gun Run at The Royal Tournament Game for Salute 2016
Running the Guns
Strange Dove - 3D Star Trek part 2
Star Trek Savage Dove
Salute Painting Competition Results
Salute 2016 PC

Welcome to the South London Warlords!

The South London Warlords is a Wargames, Board Games, Modelling and RPG group

This means that we meet as a group and play games with - usually - a conflict orientated theme. These games are sometimes based on historical events or on entirely fictional situations.

The Club meets every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, with extended Saturday sessions around eight times a year.  On the last Monday of each month the Club often puts on a large participation game, an ideal opportunity for new members to join in and for established members to try something new.

If you think you might be interested in joining the Club, why not come along and visit us one Monday evening - perhaps the last Monday of the month? There is no obligation to join, but you will be made welcome.

The Warlords also run Salute, the biggest wargames show in the UK.

Salute 2016 Golden Tickets

News Posted 24th March 2016

SALUTE 2016 TICKET PRIZES   Last year the South London Warlords gave out major cash prizes for several lucky people that found Golden Tickets in their Salute 2015 carrier bag. We are doing the same this year as well as adding some 'extras'!   CASH PRIZES FROM THE SOUTH LONDON WARLORDS   There will be four golden tickets in four Salute 2016 carrier bags this year for ADVANCE TICKET HOLDERS ONLY. One ticket is worth £250, another £150 and two £50. These will be CASH PRIZES given on the day to the lucky finders.   Also this year KR MULTICASE have given us 150 prize tickets to hide amongst the Salute 2016 carrier bags. These will be for items that can be collected from their stand on the day of the show.   And finally WARPLOQUE MINIATURES have let us hide a single special ticket in one of the bags to win a copy of their ARCWORLDE game box set, 'The Battle of Troll Bridge'.   Fantastic prizes to look out for in your Salute 2016 carrier bag. Remember, these prize tickets will ONLY be in the ADVANCE TICKET HOLDERS carrier bags....so get your tickets now from the SALUTE website!

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Salute 2016 Trade Space

News Posted 4th September 2015

We have sold out of trader space for Salute 2016. You can still request to be added to the reserve lists.

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Salute 2016 Tickets

News Posted 27th July 2015


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